This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Gravatar Google Image


This plugin takes place between the gravatar picture and the default avatar return. If an email is not associated with a gravatar account, a Google Image request is sent to grab the first best relevant face picture of this member.

When a google image photo have been chosen, the user will receive a mail with 3 links, 1st to delete this avatar if not relevant enought, 2nd to refresh it, if its email is not associated with a gratavar account, 3rd an invitation to create a gravatar account.

Also, you can add you own avatar by uploading your picture, easily !

Then, you can use a gravatar cache to keep all avatar files on your server and, limit the HTTP request on

Here comes a (french, just watch ;p) demo video, 15mn length. (video = version 1.8 !)


  • Discussion options with news
  • Avatars before this plugin
  • Avatars after this plugin!
  • New possible generated avatars (v1.9)
  • Comment moderation with 3 more action links


  1. Extract the plugin folder from the downloaded ZIP file.
  2. Upload BAW Gravatar Google image folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” page in your Dashboard.
  4. Go to discussion settings!


I’m a developper, what can i hook from your plugin ?

Here come the filters list:
1. “get_avatar” : from WP core, included in get_avatar() function, i “overwrite” it, it’s a pluggable function.
1. “ggi_get_avatar” : same as above, included in get_avatar() function, same place, but instead of “$id_or_email” var, i put “$email” which is more logical
1. “default_size” : triggers every time we need to get_avatar(), default is 96 (like WP core)
1. “mail_avatar_signature” : Used to change the default email signature “Best regards – Blog_Name”

Here come the actions list:
1. “baw_google_download_img” : Triggers when a picture have to be downloaded for caching
1. “gravatar_from_cache” : Triggers at the end of grabbing the cache file
1. “gravatar_from_google” : Triggers at the end of grabbing the google file

and “get_avatar_comment_types” already and still exists too, from WP core.


7 лютага, 2017
Good idea, but first start I got a heavy load system (a lot of requests, I think).. UPD: Every time.
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Contributors & Developers

“Gravatar Google Image” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • 31 jul 2012
  • Bug fix when someone delete its avatar, an empty one was given.


  • 22 jul 2012
  • Bug fix : incorrect char :/
  • Bug fix : Faces was not “default” in options discussion page


  • 22 jul 2012
  • Some code improvments
  • Forgot to remove a comment in .js 😉
  • Readme file filled 🙂


  • 21 jul 2012
  • Add a new default avatar, “tyniaf.php” for “Turn Your Name Into A Face (.com)”, this is a face generator based on string.
  • Add a filter on “get_avatar” for this generated avatar, it changes “height” into “data-height”
  • Add a filter named “default_size” (96px), it’s used on the first call of get_avatar(), so this is the height/width of the cached file!
  • Add a filter named “ggi_get_avatar”, same as core filter named “get_avatar” but in place of “id_or_email”, i put “email”
  • Add a filter named “mail_avatar_signature” to change the default signature in the sent email
  • Add an action named “baw_google_download_img”, triggers when a image have to be downloaded
  • Add an action named “gravatar_from_cache”, triggers at the end of grabbing the cache file
  • Add an action named “gravatar_from_google”, triggers at the end of grabbing the google file
  • Add feature : You can now empty the cache folder
  • Change : Options > 2 radio button blocks now with more choices
  • Change : Help improved
  • Change : Much better get_avatar() overwrite with better returns and cache
  • Change : Much better baw_google_download_img() with beter resize and return + security improvment
  • Change : Better install script
  • Change : Better uninstall script
  • Fix admin_enqueue_scripts => admin_print_styles, my bad
  • Info : “get_avatar_comment_types” filter from WP core still exists


  • 20 jul 2012
  • Bug fix on some installations, global $upload_dir; was a bad idea… 😉


  • 20 jul 2012
  • First release on WP repo
  • Code improvment


  • 19 jul 2012
  • Add caching system and help


  • 18 jul 2012
  • Add the email stuff


  • 17 jul 2012
  • Add possibility to upload you own default avatar


  • 16 jul 2012
  • First try