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Best Contact Form


Contact form for your wordpress pages or posts. Free accounts. Create a contact form with no programming knowledge required. Instant email notifications when your contact form is filled out. Our contact forms track keywords, too!

Some of our favorite contact form features:

  1. Create a contact form in minutes with our easy editor.
  2. No programming knowledge required to create a contact form.
  3. Lots of preformatted feild types ready to use.
  4. Captcha spam prevention technology integrated with each contact form.
  5. Robust reporting inside your best contact form account.
  6. Post data to your CRM, account and more.
  7. Unlimited contact forms, questions and fields with each account.
  8. Contact form entries emailed directly to your inbox in real-time including the tracking data.
  9. Optional auto repsonder in both text and html.
  10. The ability to block contact form submissions from foreign countries.

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1. Smart Marketers use Smart Contact Forms.

In today’s world, internet marketing is the most competitive market place to ever exist. Therefore, the “smart marketers” survive!
Best Contact Form has been dubbed as “the best contact form I’ve ever used” by the premier marketing blog Marketing Pilgrim Best Contact Form is the only Contact Form in to receive a 4 star review.

2. Contact Form with Keyword Tracking, Email Notifications and More.

Our contact forms track the keywords that lead to the conversion (form fill out) on your site. This is powerful!
Imagine what this level of data will do for your PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns and even email campaigns.Now imagine this data arriving in your inbox the instant your contact form is filled out!

In addition to tracking keywords, check out these amazing tracking features our contact forms provide:

  • Ecommerce conversions
  • Referring URL
  • Landing Page on Your Site Where the User Entered
  • Page On Your Site/Blog Where the Contact Form Resides
  • Users Web Browser
  • Users Screen Resolution
  • The Search Engine Used to Find Your Site
  • Type of Search: PPC, Organic, etc…
  • Keywords typed in AND keywords bidding on (in ppc campaigns)
  • IP Address
  • Location of the User
  • Date & Time Stamp You Contact Form Was Submitted

Here’s where it get’s really cool … Best Contact Form “personalizes” each submission by attaching all of this data to the contact form submission itself. Now you have all the fields on your contact form (name, email address, phone number, etc…) with this level of tracking data all in 1 location.

3. Now Tracking Your Leads is as Easy as Checking Your Email.

You can set up each of your contact forms to email you or multiple people within your organization, the leads as they happen on your site in real-time. Literally, checking your leads is as easy as checking your email via your computer, smart phone or tablet!

4. Built in spam protection and server side validation

Tired of all those bot submissions spamming your site? Our contact forms have built in captcha technology to prevent automated spam. You can even turn this Off if you chose.
“But what about the human spam I get from countries like India?” Glad you asked – with Best Contact Form, you can prevent form submissions from foreign countries you find bothersome!

5. Contact Form and Data Management.

Every time you create a contact form (remember, the amount of contact forms you can create with Best Contact Form is UNLIMITED) they get listed in the “My Forms” section of your account. You can easily access each contact form to see the submissions associated with that contact form, make changes to the contact form or even delete the contact form as you wish.
Your contact form submissions, keyword and tracking data are all data-based as well. You can view all contact form submissions or create custom searches to find the contact form submissions you want to see. You can also download all of your contact form submission data or a select date range to a .csv file.

Best Contact Form Installation

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Extract the files. Copy the best_contact_form directory into /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Then Click Best Contact Form (underneath the Dashboard Tab)
  5. Create an account or login. Then create your forms and simply paste the Form Code we give you to whatever Posts you want.
  6. The tracking code will automatically be installed by our plugin.


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  • Contact Form Submittal Example


Common Questions

Q: Do your contact forms work on all types of websites?
A: Absolutely! Thousands of users worldwide enjoy the ease of set up and tracking Best Contact Form provides.

Q: Does it work with WordPress?
A: Yes, our plugin makes setting up contact forms on your wordpress blog/site a snap!

Q: Can I use my contact forms to submit credit card information?
A: Not at this time. We may have plans to integrate the required encryption for storing credit card data in the future.

Q: Can I change the design of my contact form (Colors, wording, etc.)
A: Yes. You are free to edit the design of your code, but you must leave the names, hidden fields, and captcha code in tact in order for your form to work properly.

Q: Can I use this with my existing sign up forms? Or with other custom contact forms?
A: Yes! Through our advanced integration system you can use a Best Contact Form to integrate with one of your existing forms. (see video section of our site)

Q: Why should I use your contact form system? I already have a contact form.
A: Most contact form systems that website owners already have simply send an email of the filled out form. Ours does that, while giving you the added ability to:

  • Archive every contact form submission
  • See which keywords the visitor used to arrive at your site
  • See which search engine they used
  • See Where the visitor is located
  • Learn which keywords are actually converting to sales
  • Search contact form submissions
  • Export contact form and tracking data to CSV
  • SPAM protection

We feel that these features set us apart from a standard contact form.

Q: Can I integrate with my contact forms WITHOUT modifying any of my form code?
A: YES! We have created a new way to integrate your existing forms with our system. If you have a form on your website that works just fine, be it a contact form or a shopping cart registration form, and you would love to know what keywords, search engines, & geographical data the user used when filling out the form, then this is for you!

The new method of integration works as follows:

  1. You place a small bit of javascript code ANYWHERE on the page that your form resides on.
  2. There is no need to modify your forms code at all.
  3. When a user fills out your form, everything functions as usual, except behind the scenes a COPY of all the data is sent to our servers where we archive it in your account, email you the results, and attach the TRACKING INFORMATION.
  4. The regular form is submitted just as before with no interference on our end.

There is no need to BUILD the contact form in our system, or alter anything. This is for people who want to keep their forms working as usual but wish to ENHANCE the data with tracking information. This is a perfect example for people who use shopping cart systems that dont allow modification of the form code, or dont want to risk modifying their forms.

Q: Do I need to have PHP, mySQL, ASP to use one of your forms?
A: Nope. All the form processing is handled by OUR servers. So there is no complicated code to configure, and no database software requirements.

Q: What is a CAPTCHA?
A: A CAPTCHA stands for (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. In our implementation, we show your website visitors a graphic that has some text in it (“home”,”good”,”food”, etc.). A human can easily read this text and enter the letters, thus verifying they are a person.

However, computers have a very difficult time reading text in a graphic. Most SPAM on the Internet results from a computer program someone wrote to deliver large quantities of SPAM as fast as possible. These programs will have a hard time figuring out what CAPTCHA we showed them and will therefore not be validated.

Q: Can I change the color of the Spam Protection (CAPTCHA)?
A: Yes! If the default text color for the SPAM protection does not fit with the theme of your website, you can change the color by looking at your form code and finding the line that reads:

  1. Notice the part that says ?color=blue
  2. Change the color after the = to the color of your choice. So, if you would like to change the text to white make it say ?color=white

You can choose from these colors:


Q: I need a more difficult CAPTCHA (Spam Protection). Is this possible?
A: Yes. Our default CAPTCHA just shows familar words, which is suitable for most small to medium sized websites. However, for very large websites where SPAM is a major issue, you can use our complex CAPTCHA by doing the following:

  1. Click the Advanced Tab for your contact form.
  2. Change the Captcha Type to the style you would like.
  3. Click Save


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  • New plugin simplifies integration with wordress dashboard page and no need to install tracking code manually.


  • The sophistication of our contact forms are what make them robust, easy to use, and well … the Best!
    Due to the way we programmed our service, we don’t have to constantly update and release plugins. Now you don’t have to keep checking back here for newer versions of our contact form plugin. Whenever we make an upgrade to the service it’s passed through to your plugin automatically!


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