Glasses for WooCommerce


Identifies the dominant color in your woocommerce products auto-magically. With plans to automate other tasks.


  • This is the current admin screen for the plugin where you have the option to process your products colors and then assign them your own names.
  • This is what the admin will look like while it is processing the colors of your products. Please be patient while it does this work and will notify you when it is complete. Do not navigate away from this page until it is done. If it is going on longer than reasonable then please report a bug to the author.
  • This is what it should look like when it is complete. If you click okay then you can change the color names from the default hex to your own color names.


Does it take long to process my products?

If you have a lot of products please give it some time to work, it will let you know when it is complete. If it is taking longer than expected then please report a bug.

Why don’t the colors have human names assigned to them like red, blue, or green?

There are many shades of different colors and perhaps your branding calls for different ways of naming them. There will be more support for default names in the future but for now they will be given in a hex form to more easily get started and to be one size fits all.


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  • The first release of Glasses for Woocommerce… much more to come in the future.