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Marketing Optimizer


Now more comprehensive than ever. Test everything, quickly and efficiently.

We listened to your feedback and improved the interface and functionality to make testing your content easier than ever. Here’s a partial list of the improvements we added with this update:

  • All New Free Call-to-Action (CTA) Templates
  • All New CTA Testing Suite
  • All New Free Pop-Up/Overlay Templates
  • All New Pop-Up/Overlay Testing Suite

We also made improvements to all your favorite features, including:

  • Automatic Tracking of All WordPress Pages
  • Testing WordPress Pages from your Page List
  • Creating WordPress Page Variations from the Page Detail Interface
  • Testing Landing Page
  • Free Landing Page Templates

A Must-Have Conversion Rate Optimization Plugin

You have no doubt heard of A/B testing, the process of showing visitors one of two (or more) versions of the same web page/CTA/overlay, and then tracking which one created the most revenue, leads, signups, downloads, purchases, registrations, or comments. With the Marketing Optimizer WordPress Plugin, now you can test every web page, landing page, call-to-action, and overlay on your site. Turn your visitors into data and use that data to improve your business’s bottom line. It’s a must have for every serious digital marketer.

Free Templates

Don’t have the time or resources to create landing pages or CTAs? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Use our free templates for landing pages, calls-to-action and overlays to quickly add powerful conversion elements to your site and begin testing immediately.

A/B Test Multiple Web Pages, CTAs and Overlays

Landing pages are the obvious choice for A/B testing, but every element on your website that receives traffic contributes to conversions, and it pays to test those, too. Want to increase the number of people who complete your email sign up overlay? Now you can test that, too. And your report will include the results for each page variant and the conversion rate of visitors that saw that version.

Create Variations Quickly

When editing any of your WordPress pages, CTAs or overlays, just click the ‘Add a Variation’ tab and the system automatically creates a new variation of the site element you are working on. Test any content, with any template, easily and quickly. Some common changes that have been shown to increase conversion rates are:

  • Changes to headlines
  • Changes to page layout
  • Change images
  • Changes to colors
  • Changes to feedback forms
  • Adding testimonials
  • Adding trust symbols
  • Modifying button types and styles
  • Placement of the CTA
  • Length of time before showing webpage overlay/pop-up

Track Conversions Accurately

What conversions matter most to you? Web form fills? Email sign ups? Whatever they may be, track every conversion with a simple shortcode that lets the system know that the visitor has just completed a successful conversion, and the proper version of all the web pages that visitor saw is credited with a conversion. This allows you to have many different conversion goal pages and still track all your conversions in properly.

Adjustable Epsilon Greed, That Multi-Armed Bandit

The ‘Multi-Armed Bandit’, or Epsilon Greedy, method of rotating variations is the fastest way to determine variation winners. It’s also, by far, the most profitable way to display your test pages. Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: the page with the highest conversion rate gets 90% of the traffic (‘Exploitation’), and the other variations are randomly rotated through the remaining 10% (‘Exploration’). In other words, 90% of the time the system chooses the best version of your page. The rest of the time it explores new variations in the hopes that they will prove to be a better solution. Since sometimes it makes more sense to explore more than 10%, you have the ability to simply move the slider to explore between 10% and 100%.

Gravity Forms Integration

Use the awesome Gravity Forms form builder on your WordPress site, and easily post all your form data directly into your Marketing Optimizer web application.

Marketing Optimizer Integration

This plugin is a must for current subscribers to the Marketing Optimizer software. It includes automatic Marketing Optimizer javascript publishing code, phone tracking integration, and more.

100% Cache Compatible

Tested to be compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, and probably all WordPress caching plugins. Tested to be compatible with WordPress hosting services, like WP Engine and Pagely, which cache your content on the server level. This plugin doesn’t just ‘bust’ your caching, but utilizes your caching solution to retain the performance enhancements from them.

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  • Асноўныя параметры
  • Marketing Optimizer Integration
  • Gravity Forms Integration Settings
  • Pages A/B Testing
  • Landing Pages A/B Testing
  • Landing Pages Templates
  • Phone Tracking Settings
  • Landing Pages / Pop Up / Call-To-Action Settings
  • Shortcodes


  1. Upload the plugin to your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory, or download and install automatically through your admin panel.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Which pages should I create variations of first

You should create variations of your pages in the following order:

  1. Landing pages
  2. Conversion pages (Contact Us)
  3. Highly trafficked pages

Which pages should I test first

You should test as many pages as possible as soon as possible, and all at once. The system will accurately track any experiments you want to run, all concurrently. This will allow you to start accumulating data more quickly, which will show you the winner more quickly.


8 лютага, 2017
The plugin is extremely powerful. A/B testing makes it easy to track clear winning results with my landing pages. The timely updates show me their development team is responsive and on the ball.
8 лютага, 2017
Easy to setup A/B testing with minimal settings that deliver awesome testing stats right into the pages area of WordPress.. I haven't played to much with the Squeeze pages setup but it appears to be just as easy
7 лютага, 2017
I've been really happy with the new updates coming through. The setup is much easier and much more akin to setting up a regular WP page. The confidence level makes it easy to tell when there's enough data to make a decision without having to wonder if you're making a decision to change too early.
7 лютага, 2017
I've been using this plugin for several days now and it is so cool. Nice interface, easy to understand, but delivers great information about which of my landing pages are working best
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Version 20200925

  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Landing Pages and the listing page for Landing Pages
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for A/B Testing
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Gravity Forms Integration
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Calls-to-Action
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Pop-Ups
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Security, Login and Authentication

Vesrion 20200924

  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Calls-to-Action
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Calls-to-Action
  • #Enhancements Multiple Enhancements and patches for Gravity Forms Integration

Vesrion 20200923

  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for UI
  • #Enhancements

Version 20200921

  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for Landing Pages and the listing page for Landing Pages
  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for A/B Testing
  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for Gravity Forms Integration
  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for Calls-to-Action
  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for Pop-Ups
  • #bugFix Multiple bugfixes and patches for Security, Login and Authentication

Version 20180124

  • #bugFix resolved issue with non-interactive client login alert box showing on multiple pages
  • #bugFix adjusted handling for setting variation content

Version 20171218

  • #bugFix added handling for setting variation content

Version 20171215

  • #bugFix fixed error with Divi theme page builder, switching between front-end visual editor and regular page editor lost content

Version 20171017

  • #enhancement WordPress landing page banner and icon assets
  • #bugFix production server silent authentication requests

Version 20171010

  • #enhancement non-interactive client login
  • #enhancement less API calls
  • #enhancement updated logos and icons
  • #bugFix gravity form integration with multi-checkboxes

Version 20170905

  • #bugFix updated form fields API response

Version 20170313

  • #enhancement minor updates and improvements.

Version 20170303

  • #enhancement updated to the new API.
  • #bugFix fixed the phone call thank you redirect validation
  • #bugfix fixed the variation statistics and updating the marketing optimizer version

Version 20150910

  • #bugFix fixed issue with notice being thrown accessing static property as non static.
  • #bugFix fixed issue with fatal error being thrown by deprecated code.

Version 20150731

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with content not being shown in editor when activating the plugin.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue when changing marketing optimizer integration login credentials it was not updating the account id.

Version 20150710

  • #bugFix fixed issue with variation testing stats not displaying correctly.
  • #bugFix changed api url to production.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with reset all stats not appearing in bulk action menu at the bottom.

Version 20150709

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with template preview where the last previewed template would show up breifly before the new preview was loaded.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with template preview modal was not centered on the screen.
  • #bugFix Made landing page template previews larger.
  • #enhancement made landing page, calls-to-action, and pop up templates previewable.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with bulk action edit not working.
  • #enhancement made landing page, calls-to-action, and pop up template titles more readable.
  • #bugFix made menu bahavior consistent across all browsers.
  • #enhancement added shortcodes and shortcode description section to settings.
  • #enhancement removed border-radius and border from pop up modals for a more seemless look.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with pop ups automatically closing when triggered before the set default time to display them.
  • #enhancement added reset all variation stats option to bulk actions and variation testing stats metabox.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue when creating/editing a variation and saving it would load the first variation after save, now loads the last variation created/edited.
  • #enhancement gave variation testing stats column and metabox consistent naming conventions.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue where calls-to-action were not rotating variations.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue where pop ups that were paused were showing but giving a 404 error.
  • #enhancement improved cache busting for w3 total cache and wp super cache.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue where marketing optimizer variation id’s were being created when not being a/b tested.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with incorrect styling for landing page templates caused by default theme styles.
  • #bugFIx fixed an issue with screen options not working when editing pages in chrome.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with Marketing Optimizer variation id’s were not being created when creating new a/b tests were being created.
  • #bugFix removed calls-to-action settings as they were no longer needed.
  • #enhancement code cleanup of all the landing page, calls-to-action, and pop ups templates.
  • #cleanup cleaned and optimized codebase.
  • #enhancement Marketing Optimizer phone tracking settings thank you url now makes sure the url is properly formatted.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with alignment of custom fields.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with pop ups not staying in the middle of the page when scrolling.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue when creating a new variation would cause a 500 error.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with calls-to-action not tracking visits or impressions.
  • #enhancement code consolidation removed redundant code.
  • #enhancement changed text from unPause variation to resume variation.
  • #enhancement can no longer click the id of paused variations in variation testing stats.
  • #enhancement optimized code for page post type class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for pop ups post type class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for calls-to-action post type class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for landing page post type class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for pop ups meta box class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for pages meta box class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for landing page meta box class.
  • #enhancement optimized code for calls-to-action meta box class.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with plugin removing default columns from posts list page.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue where the calls-to-action widget was displaying the incorrect title.
  • #bugFix removed url shortcode from templates that was breaking images in edit view.
  • #enhancement changed calls-to-action widget post name from Calls to action to Call to action.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue when scrolling down on landing pages pop ups kept popping up even after being closed.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with shortcodes not working in text widgets.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with save and preview button not working on pages.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with currently selected landing page template was showing the id instead of the landing page title.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the call-to-action newsletter template displaying the wrong screenshot.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with a javascript alert error on landing page templates.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with calls-to-action when used in a pop up was causing sporatic behavior.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with styling of the gravity form admin settings.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with pop ups not outputting the javascript tracking code.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with pop ups keep popping up even after being closed.
  • #enhancement integrated Marketing Optimizer a/b testing with the plugin via the Marketing Optimizer api
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the Marketing Optimizer javascript analytics code not being output on the front page.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue when clicking to view a variation would get a 404 error.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the save and preview button was throwing a 404 error.
  • #enhancement new variations templates now default to the last template chosen.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with a javascript error when creating new variations.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the text editor toolbar was appearing above the choose another template modal overlay.

Version 20140708

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with gravity form field mappings not saving.

Version 20140617

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with javascript tracking code method for pages causing error on other types of posts.

Version 20140613

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with marketing optimizer tracking javascript only working on pages.

Version 20140611

  • #bugFix fixed issue with form shortcodes.

Version 20140604

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with squeeze page settings not saving.

Version 20140603

  • #bugFix fixed issue with squeeze page templates not loading on servers restricting allow url fopen and file_get_contents.
  • #bugFix fixed issue with javascript templates other than squeeze pages.

Version 20140530

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with marketing optimizer tracking code not tracking squeeze pages correctly.
  • Squeeze page templates now automatically fill out the modal height and width.

Version 20140529

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with squeeze page save and preview feature always creating an new modal on click.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with save and preview feature always opening a new window, now opens a new tab and refreshes the preview tab when you save and preview.
  • Added 2 new squeeze page templates.

Version 20140527

  • Code refactoring.

Version 20140523

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with previewing pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages not showing correct preview.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with squeeze page close button was sometimes behind the modal.

Version 20140517

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with landing page/squeeze page templates not loading on servers with allow_url_fopen = 0

Version 20140515

  • #bugFix fixed an issue when selecting a squeeze page template when the editor was in text view was causing an error.

Version 20140514

  • Changed squeeze page modal to use jquery ui dialog to fix issue with chrome browser not showing squeeze page content.
  • Removed squeeze page cache compatible option as it is not needed
  • added all variations stats to metaboxes
  • Changed edit squeeze page settings modal length to height

Version 20140509

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with stats not being tracked in some instances.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with squeeze pages not displaying.

Version 20140508

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with meta titles not being displayed in some cases.

Version 20140501

  • #hotFix fixed an issue with landing pages when defualt theme template was chosen not working with some templates.

Version 20140430

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the admin toolbar being removed.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with when selecting a template the contents not being added to the wordpress editor when in visual view.

Version 20140424

  • #bugFix fixed and issue with cache compatability showing ajax content.
  • Added newsletter squeeze page template;

Version 20140423

  • #featureAdded Squeeze pages, added the ability to create squeeze pages and a/b test them.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with broken images for templates and icons.
  • #optimization general code optimization.

Version 20140325

  • A complete rewrite of the plugin, adding support for dedicated landing pages, new landing page templates, and a completely new user interface.

Version 20131129

  • #bugFix fixed an issue when you have no experiments or variations was causing an error.
  • #featureAdded added ability to turn on/off tracking of admin users.

Version 20131126

  • #bugFix fixed an issue a/b testing slider not showing up due to wordpress update.

Version 20131107

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with multisite configurations not cascading to all network sites.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with admin user being tracked by experiments.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with search engines not being able to index experiments.

Version 20131107

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with multisite compatability.

Version 20131106

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with promoting variations not retaining some meta data.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue previewing variations.

Version 20131030

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with cache compatibility and search engine indexing.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with experiments confidence scoring.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with permalinks for experiments/variations.

Version 20130924

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with get parameters and cache compatibility.

Version 20130920

  • #bugFix fixed A/B testing compatability issue with PHP version < 5.3.
  • #featureRequest added ability to submit multi page gravity forms after each page.

Version 20130918

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with A/B testing cache compatibility and Internet Explorer.
  • #bugFix removed html field type form gravity forms field mapping.
  • #featureRequest added ability to duplicate control page.

Version 20130916

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with the gravity forms integration where non form fields were showing up in the field mapping.

Version 20130913

  • Added Marketing Optimizer integration with Gravity Forms

Version 20130911

  • Added cache compatible A/B testing

Version 2013.08.27

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with all testing stats were not being reset when resetting all stats.
  • Added total columns to experiments page.
  • #bugFix fixed an issue with post meta data not being correct when displaying a variation.

Version 2013.08.22

  • #bugFix fixed an issue with variation sometimes being tracked incorrectly.
  • Removed some unnecessary text from the settings ui.

Version 2013.08.21

  • #bugFix fixed an error division by zero when viewing experiments with no stats.
  • removed use page title from variation pages.
  • #cleanup removed deprecated code.

Version 2013.08.20

  • #bugFix fixed an issue when getting a variation on an experiment with only one variation was causing an error.

Version 2013.08.09

  • Initial Release