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bbPress – Moderation Tools


Moderation Tools extends bbPress to give you more control over your forums by adding rules that can automatically detect spam from users and bots. Out of the box bbPress has limited moderation tools which means running a forum can be a constant battle to stop spam.

This plugin is completely free and we’re always happy to hear from our users via the WordPress support forum if have feedback or feature requests.

When you activate the plugin you will find a new set of rules added to the bbPress Forums settings page, found under Settings > Forums.


Spam Detection Rules
Use one or more rules to automatically hold posts for moderation, including:

  • Anonymous/Guest posting
  • Unapproved users posting
  • Unapproved users posting links
  • Unapproved users posting below the English character threshold (this is a percentage that can be tweaked)
  • All posts below the English character threshold
  • All posts (lockdown)
  • Flag individual users for moderation

Email notifications

  • When posts are held for moderation
  • When a user reports a post

Send email notifications to any combination of the following:

  • Keymasters
  • Moderators
  • Specified emails

Front end controls
Approval and unapproval of posts and blocking users is handled on the front end by showing pending posts to the post author, moderators and administrators.

More Features

  • Redirect blocked users to a custom page instead of the default 404
  • Adds a Senior Moderator role
  • Support for single forum moderators (bbPress 2.6 feature)

** Developers **
Check out our documentation for actions and filters you can use to extend this plugin:

Props to Ian Stanley for the inspiration for this plugin with his work on the plugin bbPress Moderation.


4 студзеня, 2019
Turned up an error. The author worked with me to locate and fix. This included arranging to log in to my test site and locate the issue. Thank you for excellent support!
19 снежня, 2018
While the standard plugin is already a must-use addition to any bbPress forum it did not end there. I desperately needed a customisation of the plugin to only have moderation in one forum not globally on all forums. After a few other attempts to fix that problem i finally asked the developer of this plugin and he agreed to help me. In no time I had a rock solid, working solution. Just the right Christmas present for my forum guests. This is stellar support that is usually hard to find, even on paid plugins.
12 кастрычніка, 2018
Hi, first of all my congratulations to the excellent plugin developer, I highly recommend it.
5 красавіка, 2018
Does what it says! We were surprised by the lack of moderation options in default BBPress. We have lots of users/new topics on our site that require keeping an eye on things (blocking spam, sales, etc.). This plugin gets the job done. The customer support was also great--fixed an issue we noticed very quickly. Excellent!
2 жніўня, 2017
Simple plugin that does what it says on the box. Easy to configure with good set of options - well thought through !!
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Contributors & Developers

“bbPress – Moderation Tools” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Set bbp_new_reply action to edit = true
  • Fix undefined index warning for recipients in notifications class


  • Fix $bbp_last_active_time get_post_meta() typo


  • Add all arguments to bbp_new_topic and bbp_new_reply


  • Updated reply approval so topic freshness is only changed if the reply is the latest


  • Added clear report option for users with moderate capability
  • Added option to choose if topics and/or replies should be moderated
  • Added user moderation flag (currently front end only UI) toggle to flag users when you want to mark all future posts by that user as pending
  • Added option to moderate posts from anonymous/guest users
  • Added filter so developers can add their own moderation rules
  • Added bbp_new_topic and bbp_new_reply action calls when approving topics and replies to work better with bbPress notifications and other plugins
  • Updated add_moderation_links to use bbp_topic_admin_links and bbp_reply_admin_links hook
  • Fixed bug where anonymous users weren’t correctly redirected after creating a post held for moderation
  • Fixed undefined post_id variable in notifications


  • Fixed css rule that set forum board background to yellow


  • Added filter to change notification recipient and message. Props to @boonebgorges
  • Added filter to extend who can moderate a board. Props to @boonebgorges
  • Added report topic/reply option for logged in users with notification
  • Added setting to toggle user reporting
  • Added settings to toggle moderation notifications
  • Added Senior Moderator bbPress role
  • Added unblock front end option (restricted to keymasters and senior moderators)


  • Fixed extra / when enqueuing CSS
  • Added version number to CSS
  • Updated CSS handles to remove additional -css


  • Fixed function array dereferencing error caused by version check


  • Topic title is now included in moderation checks


  • Fixed issue with sanitize callback which meant custom moderation settings weren’t saved


  • Moderation checks are now performed on topic/reply edits


  • Added missing sanitize callback on forum settings


  • Fixed fatal error for pre PHP 5.5 servers


  • Added English character threshold moderation rule
  • Added support for bbPress 2.6 single forum moderators
  • Added redirection to parent for guests posting pending topics or replies
  • Added option to redirect blocked users to a custom page
  • Added “replies awaiting moderation” notice to topics if it has pending replies
  • Updated block user action to author details and profile
  • Updated pending to unapprove in the topic/reply action bar
  • Updated moderation rules so that multiple custom rules can be selected
  • Removed pending and approve links in the topic/reply action bar for bbPress 2.6+


  • Fixed PHP warning caused by empty variable