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Pinnion Plugin


Pinnions are easy to make and fun to take.

Pinnion Plugin for WordPress is the ultimate plugin for including a survey,
quiz, poll, or trivia anywhere in your blog or web site. Increase
audience response and customer satisfaction by asking visitors to share their
opinion using the Pinnion Plugin. Each Pinnion can also be embedded on
non-WordPress websites, sent by email, posted to Twitter or Facebook, and
distributed to the free Pinnion apps for
iPhone and
Android. The
results from all of these interfaces are viewable directly from within your
WordPress account.


Are you wondering how to write a survey for your blog? Pinnion makes it easy
with our fill-in-the-blank survey templates. The Pinnion Plugin contains a
survey widget that you can place into any sidebar on your site. You can also
embed Pinnions directly into the body of any page or post. Choose different
Pinnions for each location, one Pinnion for your entire blog, or mix them up.
It.s easy to pick the Pinnion that you want to display for the best customer

Learn more about how Pinnion is redefining


Pinnion is free online software that you can use to create any type of poll,
such as a small business poll or restaurant questionnaire. You’ll hear the
voice of the customer by using structured
, which is the
process of creating answer choices for each question. Customer responses to
each question provide you with usable data that’s easy to view and analyze, so
that you can make quick decisions based on clarity.

Quizzes and Trivia for Fun or Education

Add games to your blog or web site with the Pinnion Plugin.
It’s a fun way to provide a better customer
experience or increase your mobile audience response. Quiz and trivia
questions are as simple to create as survey questions. Just indicate which
answer choices are correct so that Pinnion can
automatically calculate and display each person’s final score.
Educators can use this feature to create quizzes for their students, and easily measure their understanding on a given topic. Question and answer orders can be randomized to prevent cheating.

Pinnion Channels

Channels make it easy to post your Pinnion web surveys and quizzes with a
simple, one-time setup. Create a Channel in the Pinnion interface, and embed the Channel link in your site. You can create multiple channels to embed in different locations. When you want to publish a Pinnion simply select the Channel you want it to appear in. Use the release and closure settings to schedule a serise of Pinnions to appear on your site.

Learn more about Channels

About Pinnion

Pinnion is a proud supporter of the Seattle WordPress Meetup Group (WPSEA,
sponsor Nov 2011 to Feb 2012). Please see for more
information about using the Pinnion Plugin for WordPress. Or, contact
, follow
, and friend
to ask questions
and keep up with the latest developments.


  • Preview the content of your Pinnion as you create it with our survey preview module on the Send screen in the authoring flow.
  • Select a Pinnion to be inserted directly into your WordPress blog post or web page
  • Pinnion widgets are fully customizable in each of your sidebars. Choose which Pinnion or Channel to show and adjust the sizing to fit your site.
  • Results are tabulated automatically and viewable from within the Pinnion editor in WordPress.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get started with your
first Pinnion.

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. In your web browser, create an account at
  4. Return to WordPress and locate Pinnion in the administration menu
    (left-side menu)
  5. Click “Settings” and enter the credentials that you created in step 3
  6. Click “Editor” and login with the same credentials. This is where you will
    create and edit your Pinnions.
  7. Under Appearance > Widgets find the ‘Pinnion’ widget and drag it to the
    desired sidebar(s).
  8. Use the dropdown menu to select the Pinnion or Channel that you wish to
    display. Change the height and width of the widget, if desired.
  9. When editing a Post or Page with the Visual Editor, use the Insert Pinnion
    button to embed a Pinnion directly into the body of the post or page.
  10. The same Pinnion(s) or Channel(s) displayed on your site can also be
    distributed to mobile users, email recipients, and social media followers.


WordPress, Web, and Mobile

Is this only for my blog?
No. Pinnion is designed to work on any device, through many different distribution methods. Each Pinnion that you create can be:

  • Posted to your WordPress sidebars via the Pinnion widget
  • Embedded into any WordPress post or page via the Insert Pinnion button
  • Embedded into non-WordPress web pages via the iFrame embed code
  • Distributed through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. via the Direct Link
  • Viewed in a mobile web browser via the Direct Link
  • Viewed on all smartphones via the Pinnion apps for iOS and Android, or from any web link thanks to our device auto detection technology.

The responses that you receive from all of these sources are combined into a
single set of results that can be viewed from within the plugin.

Can I login to my Pinnion account from outside of WordPress?
Yes, at We recommend
visiting this site first to create your account. Afterwards, you can choose to
access your account via the WordPress plugin or directly via You will have the same experience and
functionality either way.

Creating Pinnions

I want to have an “other” option. How do I handle this?
This is possible to do by using the question branching (aka skip logic)
capabilities of Pinnion:

  1. Create an answer option for “Other”
  2. Add Another Question and click “Advanced View”
  3. Set “Prerequisite Responses” to “any”
  4. Choose the prior question from the list and then check “Other”

Anyone who answers the previous question with “Other” will be able to type in
his/her answer on this screen. Anyone who selected a different option will
skip this screen and go on to the next question.

What question/answer types are available?
Pinnion has six basic layouts available:

  • Checkbox/Radio, ideal for answer options with lots of text. Single select questions automatically have Radio Buttons, while Multi-select questions show Checkboxes.
  • Buttons, both full width and in a narrower coulmn format.
  • Picker, Shown as a picker-wheel when a touch enabled device is detected, and as a drop-down when viewed on a computer with a mouse or trac-pad interface.
  • Sliding Scale, ideal for ratings, set as many points as you wish.
  • Open response, for situations when a typed response is necessary we support full-open, numeric only, URL entry, and Email entry types.
  • Image Select, simply click on, or touch an image to select.

All answer types can be set as Required or Not Required. Checkboxes and
Buttons can be set as Single Select or Multi-Select (with options for min and
max answer selections). Images can be included for each Channel, Pinnion,
Question, and Answer option.


What is a Channel?
Channels are the main distribution and discovery method for Pinnions. You can
create as many channels as you like and distribute each Pinnion to one or
multiple channels. If you set-up the Pinnion Plugin to use a Channel instead
of an individual Pinnion, then the plugin will always display the most-current
Pinnion that has been assigned to that Channel. For instance, you might have
one channel for your blog sidebar and another for the pages of your site. You
could create some Pinnions that are only distributed to one channel or the
other and some Pinnions that are distributed to both channels.

  • Users will need to have the name of your channel in order to take your
    Pinnions using the iOS or Android apps. Once they are subscribed to your Channel, they will be notified whenever a new Pinnion is available.
  • Each Channel also has its own webpage at

How do I distribute my Pinnion to a Channel?
Start by creating the Channels that you wish to have. You simply give your
channel a name and decide whether or not a password should be required to join
the Channel. Then, create a new Pinnion and
author the questions and answers. Proceed to the Include tab, where you can
select one or more Channels for the Pinnion. Finally, you’ll use the distribution tab to select the day and time
for your Pinnion to be distributed, along with an expiration. The Pinnion will
be distributed to the appropriate channels at the time that you indicate.

View the Pinnion resources page for more

When should I show the results to respondents?
The following options are available for displaying results to your

  • Do not display results
  • Display results only at the end (after the respondent has submitted his or her Pinnion)

You may wish to suppress the results if your
Pinnion deals with sensitive information or if you are simply trying to build
suspense (say, at an event where you wish to announce all of the results at a
later session). Showing results at the end of a Pinnion may be
useful in “before-and-after” or pre-test/post-test scenarios.

How can I download results?
Results download is not available for free accounts. Contact us to learn more about how we can enable this feature for you. We offer many easy to use exports including CSV for use in Excel, and custom reports designed to suit your exact needs.


I’ve lost my password.
Visit our reset password
page and enter your email address. A reset link will be emailed to you. Note:
the password reset process will take place in your web browser, but outside of

What is structured communication?
In a nutshell, it’s the process of creating a set of potential answers in
order to ensure that the answers you receive are relevant and usable. If you
blog about cats, structured communication will prevent your Pinnion results
from containing requests to blog about Dalmatians. If your blog has 17,000
readers, structured communication will provide you with compiled answers that
are easy to process, so you can quickly understand what your large and diverse
audience is telling you.


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  • Pinnion “P” logo now appears in the administration menu and visual editor
  • Updated confirmation messages in the settings menu


  • Completely redesigned and improved.
  • Create and edit Pinnions from within WordPress.
  • Adjust height and width of Pinnion widget to fit your sidebar.
  • Embed Channels and Pinnions directly into posts.
  • Select individual Pinnions by name.
  • Select Channels by name (a channel key is no longer used or needed).


  • new features.
  • bug fixes.


  • bug fixes.


  • Initial release.