Weblizar Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post


This plugin is using the pinterest javascript library to pin your images on your website and user is required to login to pinterest for the image to be pinned into your pinterest account.

Weblizar Pin it button on image hover plugin provides facility to pins your blog posts, pages and images into your Pinterest account boards. Simply install then activate the plugin and start pinning.You can show or hide pin it button in post/page. You can enable or disable pin it button on image hover through plugin settings tab.


  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Post
  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Page
  • Pinterest Pin It Button Settings
  • Customizable Button Size On Hover
  • Multilingual – Translatable in Any Language

Weblizar – Pinterest Feed Pro Features

  • Pinterest Profile – Show your Pinterest profile as it looks on Pinterest platform

  • Pinterest Pins – Share all your Pinterest pins on your website

  • Get All relevant outputs of your Pinterest profile, Pins – Showcase your Pinterest gallery in the most efficient way to gather more traffic.

  • Shortcode and widgets section for your Pinterest profile, Pins – Many shortcodes and widget options to choose where to display your Pinterest feed.

  • Pinterest profile with stat box of total boards, Pins, Following, Followers, Likes and Follow button – Decide which stats you want to show to your users with beautiful templates.

  • Get All Pinterest Pins of single and multiple boards – Choose how you want to display your pins and boards.

  • Responsive dashboard design with Live preview -Tested with multiple devices and screen sizes by our team of dedicated web developers

  • Easy to use user friendly interface Easy options to configure Pinterest feed

  • User friendly descriptive section designing with helpful tool tips – Stuck somewhere? Our special tool tips will help you along the way

  • Multi Site Support – Plugin support on WordPress multi sites functionality

  • Bootstrap Based Responsive Plugin Settings Panel – It is compatible with all the latest and top most WordPress websites available.

  • Multilingual & Translation Ready – So that none of our user face difficulty in using our plugin.

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  • Enable/Disable Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • Enable/Disable Pinterest Pin It Button In Post
  • Enable/Disable Pinterest Pin It Button In Page
  • Pinterest Pin It Button Settings

Docs & Support

You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post on Weblizar. If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on WordPress.org.

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Please contribute to translate our plugin. Contact at lizarweb (at) gmail (dot) com`.


  • Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover With Image Gallery
  • Pinterest Pin It Button In Page
  • Pinterest Pit It Button Settings


  1. Upload the entire pinterest-pin-it-button-on-image-hover-and-post folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress admin.


Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue. Always share your site public URL to resolve your issues as soon as possible.


6 снежня, 2023
I purchased the Pin It plugin et the beginning of November. Installed in onto my WordPress website and got an immediate error which mean I couldn’t use it. My WP site is running the latest version of Word Press, all plugins and theme are tried and tested and all up to date. I created a support ticket on the 7th November and got my first reply saying that they where looking into the issue. After a number of new emails going back and forth to support, nothing has been done. The last message from support was “We are trying to do it ASAP. There are some changes in the Pinterest API and we are checking it, we will update the plugin ASAP.”, that was 18 days ago. As the plugin does not work and so is not fit for purpose, I request a full refund, that was 6 days ago. Still no answer from support or my refund. This is no way to treat a customer!!  So unless you’re looking for a useless plugin that may not even work, my advice is to look elsewhere as the Weblizar Pin It Plugin seems to be complete rubbish and a waste of time and money.
21 лістапада, 2023
This does exactly what I want. Simple. Looks good. Easy to use Lets me exclude pages. Tick! Lets me exclude individual images. Tick! Works. Once my site is up and running properly I hope I can pay forwards and go Pro and pay the author their due with their worth for this plugin. Thank you!
14 мая, 2023
With Kadence theme, no Pin It symbol on posts, but does appear on images. Unsatisfactory.
16 снежня, 2021 1 reply
The button works fine but it’s for example also showing on the images in my Instagram widget, and there’s no need for that. I can easily hide it using CSS but it would be so much easier if the plugin came with more options
30 чэрвеня, 2020
My site is being pinged for not having alt text on any of the “Pin It” button images. Can you add this in an update? I do not see the option in my “Settings”. Otherwise, this plugin does the trick.
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Contributors & Developers

“Weblizar Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



For more information, see Weblizar.

Version 4.2

– Tested With WordPress 6.5
– Tested With PHP 8.3.3

Version 4.1

– Tested With WordPress 6.4
– Fixed: Exclude page not working
– Fixed: Exclude pages delete issue fixed
– Fixed: Exclude images delete issue fixed

Version 4.0

– Tested With WordPress 6.3
– Tested With PHP 8.1

Version 3.9

– Tested With WordPress 6.2
– Tested With PHP 8

Version 3.8

– Fixed: Exclude images not saving
– Fixed: Exclude pages not saving
– Tested With PHP 8

Version 3.7

– Tested With WordPress 6.1

Version 3.6

– Bootstrap library updated

Version 3.5

– Tested up to WordPress 6.0
– Tested up to PHP 8.0.19
– Minor bug fixed.

Version 3.4

– Tested up to WordPress 5.9.2
– Minor changes.
– removed extra files and directory

Version 3.2

– readme.txt updated.
– User permissions check.

Version 3.2

– Bootstrap library updated.
– font-awesome library removed.
– minor code fixes.
– extra unused files removed.

Version 3.1

– Updated : Product page

Version 3.0

– Updated : Bootstrap library
– Updated : User Interface layout of Exclude Page , Exclude Image setting
– Bug Fixed : After page add not reload in Exclude Page , Exclude Image setting

Version 2.8.2

– Tested Up to WordPress 5.8

Version 2.8.1

– Tested Up to WordPress 5.7

Version 2.8.0

– Tested Up to WordPress 5.6
– Improved Code Readability.

Version 2.7.9

– Minor Fix.

Version 2.7.8

– Minor change in dashboard.

Version 2.7.7

– Minor Fix.

Version 2.7.6

– Bootstrap library update.
– Small layout change.

Version 2.7.5

– Tested with Wp 5.3
– Bootstrap and font awesome library update.

Version 2.7.4

  • recommendations page update
  • minor changes

Version 2.7.3

  • Plugin name changes
  • Banner and icons changes

Version 2.7.2

- Fixed : undefined index notice error fixed.
- Updated : Admin notice bar updated.
- updated : Pin It Button Settings updated.

Version 2.7.1

- Version Update & Compatible with WordPress 5.2.2
- backend layout updated
- Some minor changes in Recommendation panel

Version 2.7.0

- Version Update & Compatible with WordPress 5.2
- bugs fixed
- Recommendation panel updated

Version 2.6.9

- Exclude image issue fixed

Version 2.6.8

- Version Update & WordPress 5.1 Compatible
- Minor issue fixed

= Version 2.6.7
– Version Update & WordPress 5.0.2 Compatible
– Bug Fix Option Panel ( Excluding function )
– Update back-end panel css issue fixed.

Version 2.6.5

- Update setting of pin it button for mobile device
- Update product page
- Readme file update

Version 2.6.4

- Add Exclude page setting for no pin on specific page

Version 2.6.3

  • Setting Button add in Plugin page
  • PO files updated
  • Version Update & WordPress 4.9.8 Compatible

Version 2.6.2

- Invalid Argument supplied in foreach loop bug-fixed
- Add new product in product page
- minor changes applied

Version 2.6.1 – minor php error fix

Version 2.6 – Update Font-Awesome library + Add Our Product and Recommendation Page + Update Review Link + WordPress 4.9.6 Compatible

Version 2.5 – update + WordPress 4.8.1 Compatible

Version 2.4.0 – update

Version 2.3.9 10/10/2016

  • plugin version update

Version 2.3.8 16/09/2016

  • small update

Version 2.3.7 16/05/2016

  • small update

Version 08-Feb-2016

  • Bug: setting was not saving

Version 2.3.6 06-Feb-2016

  • Sanitized method used appropriately
  • Bug: setting was not saving

Version 2.3.5 01-Feb-2016

  • Tag updated
  • Posted data sanitized

Version 2.3.4 29-Jan-2016

  • Sanitized data method updated

Version 2.3.3 28-Jan-2016

  • Tag updated
  • Sanitized post data

Version 2.3.2 2-Jan-2016

  • small update

Version 2.3.1 20-Jan-2016

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.4.1
  • Feature: Enable/Disable Pin button for mobile or portable devices
  • Plugin recommendation page updated
  • Multilingual

Version 2.3 30-Dec-2015

  • Small Bug resolved.

Version 2.2 11-Dec-2015

  • Small Bug resolved.

Version 2.1 17-Nov-2015

  • Small Bug resolved.
  • Compatible with wordpress 4.4 beta version

Version 2.0 10-Oct-2015

  • Small design update

Version 1.9 29-Sep-2015

  • Small design update

Version 1.8 22-Sep-2015

  • Compatible with wordpress 4.3.18-June-2015
  • Small update in css file

Version 1.7 01-Sep-2015

  • Small Updates in admin css

Version 1.6 24-June-2015

  • New: Pinterest official Js code modified
  • Bug: browser_extension_tracking_id fixed
  • Bug: Invalid url fixed

Version 1.5 25-June-2015

  • New: Reverting Autotomize plugin compatibilities

Version 1.4.1 19-June-2015

  • New: Compatible with Autotomize plugin

Version 1.4 18-June-2015

  • Bug Fix: Undefined $post variable notice error fixed

Version 1.3 23-May-2015

  • Bug Fix: In Page / Post pin it button appearing according to settings now

Version 1.2 22-Apr-2015

  • New: WordPress 4.2 Compatible


  • Bug Fix: RSS Killing Script Moved To Head


  • New: Show Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • New: Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Post
  • New: Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Page
  • New: Pinterest Pin It Button Settings
  • New: Customizable Button Size