Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin


Restaurant reservations made easy. Accept reservations and table bookings online. Quickly confirm or reject restaurant reservations, send out custom email notifications, restrict booking times and more.

Reservations Demo

The plugin includes a Gutenberg restaurant block as well as a restaurant reservation shortcode, so you can display your booking form on any page, no matter which page editing system you are using. We also include several patterns, so you can integrate your forms directly into your block-based theme.

Key Features

  • Create a customized restaurant reservation form
  • Responsive booking form layout that looks great for mobile reservations and on all devices
  • Add your reservation form to any page via the included Gutenberg restaurant booking block or shortcode, or just choose your reservation page in the settings
  • Set up a specific restaurant schedule by defining the times and dates available for reservation
  • Quickly confirm or reject a booking
  • Notify a customer by email when their request is confirmed or rejected
  • Receive an email notification when a booking request is made

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is very user friendly and comes with a walk-through that runs automatically when you activate the plugin and will help you add the booking form to your site and set key options!

Create a five star restaurant reservation experience by tailoring your form to yours and your customers’ specific needs. With options to set minimum and maximum party sizes, to require a phone number, to change the date and time format and to write a custom message after a successful online restaurant booking, you can create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, and make the reservation process as easy and effortless as possible.

Additional Restaurant Reservation Features

Our customizable restaurant reservations plugin comes with several additional features that will help ensure you’re able to set it up not only easily, but with all the options you need. It will also allow you to deliver the best and easiest online restaurant booking system for your visitors. These features include:

  • Add and edit bookings directly from the plugin admin panel
  • Add exceptions to your schedule (e.g. for holidays and special events)
  • With our intuitive and fully customizable notification configuration table, you can create as many different notifications as you need. Choose the action trigger (e.g. setting a booking to confirmed), the recipient (admin or guest), the message type (email or SMS [requires ultimate version, see below]), and write a unique subject and message. We even have template tags that can be used to dynamically include booking information in the notification message.
  • Send customers an email about their booking from the admin panel
  • Option to automatically confirm reservations below a certain party size.
  • Customize the date and time formats.
  • Automatically block bookings when you’re closed, including holidays and one-off openings
  • Ban abusive customers to save money on no-shows
  • Change the language of the datepicker feature

With our reservation system, you can set up the booking schedule for you restaurant. Our settings allow you to be as broad or specific as you want with this, with options for setting the open times, the interval between booking slots, booking in advance, and even the ability to add exceptions to these options.

You know your customers best. With features like the ability to enable automatic confirmation and to customize your notifications, you can tailor your restaurant booking form to meet the specific requirements of your restaurant and business.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple restaurant locations, you can easily add this as a choice to your booking form. This is made possible by integrating with the Five Star Business Profile plugin. When you enable and create multiple locations in that plugin, they will automatically show up and be included in the Five Star Restaurant Reservations plugin. This lets you:

  • Have a dropdown in your booking form to let your guests choose which location they want to reserve at.
  • Set separate schedules and exceptions for each location.
  • Set separate restrictions and limits at each location (premium feature, see below).

No need to have many separate forms or pages, or a complicated solution, to accept bookings at your multiple locations. Five Star Restaurant Reservations has you covered!

However, if you do wish to create a separate form for each location, this is easily made possible via a shortcode attribute that lets you specify the location of the form. This will make it so the location selector does not show in the booking form and so that the booking is automatically assigned to this location.

Limit the Number of People or Reservations (Requires Premium)

The premium version of our restaurant reservations plugin comes with several features that let you restrict the number of people in your restaurant, so you can be sure to never overbook and also that you are following any recommended capacity limits in your region.

  • Set a dining block length used as a guide to apply the restrictions.
  • Set a maximum number of reservations allowed per dining block length.
  • Or set a maximum number of seats/people allowed per dining block length.
  • Additional options to set a maximum number of reservations or seats per dining block length below which all bookings will be automatically confirmed.
  • Works in tandem with all other restriction options (e.g. party size, auto-confirmation of bookings, early bookings, etc.) to make sure only available days and time slots that match all settings show in the booking form.
  • Multiple Locations: Both the maximum reservation and maximum seats settings are configurable on a per-location basis.

Premium Restaurant Reservations

The premium version also comes with many other features that let you extend the functionality of your booking form to offer your customers the best possible experience. These include:

  • Stylish New Layout Options: Choose from multiple modern restaurant form layouts to find the one that best suits your site.
  • Custom Fields: Plan your dinner service better by asking for special seating requests, dietary needs and more when customers book online. Similar to open table, this allows you to customize the reservation system to have any field you want, allowing you to gather all the info you need to offer the best experience to your customers. This feature also allows you to modify the existing default fields.
  • View Bookings Page: Create a page on the front end of your site that displays upcoming bookings and allows you to check in guests who have arrived. Any custom fields you create can also be displayed in the view bookings table. This makes it a great tool for your restaurant manager or host, as they can view the bookings for today and check guests in. There is also an option to make this page private, so it only shows if you’re logged in.
  • Email Templates and Designer: Send beautiful email notifications with your own logo and brand colors when your customers make a reservation. A separate template is available for each notification that you create.
  • Export Bookings: Easily print your restaurant bookings via PDF or export them to an Excel/CSV file so you can analyze patterns, gather customer data and import bookings into other services.
  • MailChimp Integration: Subscribe new reservation requests to your MailChimp mailing list and watch your subscription rates grow effortlessly. Includes an option to add a checkbox to the booking form, so guests can choose whether or not to opt in for this.
  • Styling Options: Many styling options are included that let you set the color, font-size, borders, etc. for the different elements of the booking form.
  • Labelling Options: The premium version of the restaurant reservations plugin comes with options to modify the text of all labels and messages that show on the front end. This includes the booking form fields and validation messages, the cancel reservation form, the view bookings form/table as well as elements specific to the ultimate version (such as the deposit payment page).

Restaurant Reservations Ultimate

The ultimate version of the restaurant reservations plugin contains several powerful features to give you and your guests an amazing booking experience, and also to help you reduce the amount of no-shows at your restaurant. These include:

  • Booking by Table: Add your restaurant’s tables to the plugin and allow (or require) guests to select a table when they make their reservation, based on the booking time and party size.
    • You can set a minimum and maximum number of seats at each table.
    • You can also combine tables to let people book for large parties.
    • You can configure your tables on a per-location basis.
  • Booking Deposits: Require a deposit, either per guest or per reservation, when someone makes a reservation, to help prevent no-shows.
    • Both Stripe and PayPal are available as payment gateways.
    • We’ve also provided a method for you to programatically add a different/your own gateway ([more info[(
    • Options to require deposit only for certain party sizes or only at certain times.
    • Option to set table-specific deposit amounts.
  • Reservation Reminders: Send an SMS or email reminder message before a booking at a time that you specify (e.g. 4 hours before a reservation).
  • Late-Arrival Notices: Send an SMS or email message when a guest is late for their reservation by a specified amount of time.
  • Post-Reservation Follow-Up: Send a follow-up SMS or email message a specified amount of time after the reservation (e.g. 18 hours, 2 days, etc.). This can be used to get customer feedback, request a review, offer a promotion, or anything else!
  • These three notification types are available to ultimate users in the main notification configuration table. With the ultimate version, you will have access to set the notification type to SMS instead of email; to set the action trigger to reservation reminder, late arrival or post-reservation follow-up; and to set the delay time (how long before or after the reservation to send it) for each of those three notification types.

Five Star Restaurant Manager Mobile App

The ultimate version also syncs directly with our Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app, for iOS and Android, which lets you manage your bookings from your phone or tablet without needing to log in to your site/WordPress. With this, you can:

  • Receive push notifications every time there is a new booking.
  • View all new and existing bookings directly in the app.
  • Change the status (e.g. to confirmed) of a booking.
  • Check people in as they arrive.
  • Includes filtering options, so you can quickly find the booking(s) you are looking for.

The app works in tandem with the restaurant reservations on your site. So, not only do the bookings and statuses immediately sync up, but, for example, when you check someone in via the app, it will tell your site to not send them a late-arrival notification.

With these features, you can set the app up on a tablet for your host to use front of house to manage the bookings for the day and check people in, or for you to manage them anywhere on the go!

For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress restaurant reservations homepage.

** We are also pleased to offer a free 7-day trial of either the premium version or the ultimate version, which you can use to test out features like the reservation restrictions, custom fields and payment deposits before buying! **

This easy restaurant booking system is one part of our suite of plugins designed to give you the best WordPress restaurant experience. Check out the powerful Restaurant Menu plugin and let your customers view your full menu and place food orders directly on your site! With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you’ll be sure to not lose out on business to your competitors.

For help and support, please see:

This plugin also comes with hooks that developers can use to extend and customize it. Take a look at the Developer Documentation to find out more.


  • Booking form with the Contemporary layout.
  • Booking form with the Columns layout.
  • Columns layout with some custom CSS added.
  • Booking form with the default layout, with multiple locations, tables and deposits enabled.
  • Great, mobile-friendly date picker.
  • Great, mobile-friendly time picker.
  • Email received after making a booking.
  • View bookings form, where you can also check guests in as arrived (premium).
  • Payment screen for deposit (ultimate).
  • Email reminder of upcoming reservation (ultimate).
  • Easily manage bookings. View today's bookings or upcoming bookings at-a-glance. Confirm or reject bookings quickly.
  • Quickly find bookings within a specific date range and/or for a specific location.
  • Edit bookings from the admin panel.
  • Adding the booking form block to a page.
  • The custom fields editor.
  • The plugin admin dashboard screen.
  • The scheduler.
  • Editing a notification email.
  • The Styling area of the Settings page.
  • Viewing bookings in the Five Star Restaurant Manager app.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Booking Form


  1. Upload the ‘restaurant-reservations’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Five Star Restaurant Reservations’ and select ‘Install Now’
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

Getting Started

After activating the plugin, a walk-through will run automatically, which will help you to add the booking form to your site and set key options.

You can also follow these steps to configure the plugin.

  1. To place your restaurant booking form on a page:

    • Option 1: Go to the Basic tab in the plugin settings and use the Booking Page dropdown to select the page on which you want your reservation form to appear.
    • Option 2: Place the included reservations Gutenberg block on the page on which you want your reservation form to appear.
    • Option 3: Place the [booking-form] shortcode on the page on which you want your reservation form to appear.
  2. To customize the form:

    • Go to the Settings area of the plugin admin and click the Basic tab. There you’ll be able to set the minimum and maximum party size, the successful booking message, the date and time format, and make use of our security and privacy features.
    • Also in the Settings area, go to the ‘Booking Schedule’ tab. There you’ll be able to set your restaurant’s schedule, the interval between booking slots, earliest and latest bookings and also create exceptions for the schedule.
  3. To set up notifications.

    • Go to the ‘Notifications’ tab in the settings.
    • Use notification configuration table to create all the notifications you need.
    • There is also a list of template tags there that you can include in your messages to display reservation-specific messages about the booking.
  4. To view and manage your bookings:

    • Go to the ‘Bookings’ area of the plugin admin.
    • There you’ll be able to view and modify any bookings that have been placed on your site.
    • You’ll also be able to manually create a new restaurant reservation (e.g. a reservation you took over the phone).

For a list of specific features, see the Restaurant Reservations description page here:

For help and support, please see:


Is there a Gutenberg block to display the booking form?

Yes, just search for the ‘Booking Form’ block and add that to your page.

Is there a shortcode to display the booking form?

Yes, use the [booking-form] shortcode.

Can I change the format of the date or time?

Yes, set the format for the datepicker in Settings > Basic.

The datepicker or timepicker is not working.

If you load up the form and no date or time picker is popping up when you select those fields, this is likely caused by a JavaScript error from another plugin or theme. You can find the problematic plugin by deactivating other plugins you’re using one by one. Test after each deactivation to see if the date and time pickers work.

If you have deactivated all other plugins and still have a problem, try switching to a default theme (one of the TwentySomething themes).

I’m not receiving notification emails for new bookings.

This is almost always the result of issues with your server and can be caused by a number of things. Before posting a support request, please run through the following checklist:

  1. Double-check that the notification email in Settings > Notifications is correct.
  2. Make sure that WordPress is able to send emails. The admin email address in the WordPress settings page should receive notifications of new users.
  3. If you’re not able to receive regular WordPress emails, contact your web host and ask them for help sorting it out.
  4. If you’re able to receive regular WordPress emails but not booking notifications, check your spam filters or junk mail folders.
  5. If you still haven’t found the emails, contact your web host and let them know the date, time and email address where you expected to receive a booking. They should be able to check their logs to see what is happening to the email.

Can I make the phone number required?

Yes, there is an option for this in the Basic area of the Settings page.

Can I translate the booking form?

Yes, everything in this plugin can be translated using the standard translation process and software like PoEdit. If you’re not familiar with that process, I’d recommend you take a look at the Loco Translate plugin, which provides a simple interface in your WordPress admin area for translating themes and plugins.

I set Early or Late Bookings restrictions, but I scan still book during that time

Users with the Administrator and Booking Manager roles are exempt from these restrictions. This is so that they can make last-minute changes to bookings as needed. If you want to test the Early or Late Bookings restrictions, try logging out and testing.

I want to add a field to the form. Can I do that?

The premium version does indeed come with a custom fields feature that lets you add new fields and modify existing ones.

More questions and answers

Find answers to even more questions in the FAQ.

For help and support, please see:


14 красавіка, 2023
I am using this plugin in two sites and it is more than convenient. One or two times I needed the support team was there for me and very quickly we came to solutions. Thanks!
23 лютага, 2023
It works like a charm! We are considering upgrading to the maximum level.
22 лютага, 2023
The reservations plugin served fully my needs and even allowed me to do certain customizations, in order to make my life easier. Great and fast support.
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2.6.7 (2023-04-17)

  • Fix for an issue where tables were duplicated if the party size wasn’t changed after the time was selected.
  • Fix for incorrect section names when location-specific tables were in use.
  • Loading Google Fonts used in two email templates locally.

2.6.6 (2023-04-11)

  • Updated the booking submitted timestamp (in the booking details) to take into account the timezone.
  • Updated the message editor for the new notifications table to address issues with HTML tags.
  • Updated the table dropdown to only show the deposit amount if deposits are set by table.
  • Updated multiple locations to use global tables if no location-specific tables have been set.
  • Fixed an issue causing the email template to not be used for Booking Closed notifications.
  • Fixed an issue preventing bookings from being submitted when using location-specific tables.
  • Small styling update for the deposit payment page.

2.6.5 (2023-04-05)

  • Fixed issue with double notifications when using payment deposits.
  • Added a button to reset the premium notifications table data, in the event that you want/need to re-import the old notifications.

2.6.4 (2023-04-04)

  • Fixed an issue in which the message modal was not opening if no fields existed in the notifications table on page load.
  • Fixed a spacing issue with table deposit amounts.

2.6.3 (2023-03-31)

  • Changed the premium and ultimate notifications configuration to allow for more flexibility and the ability for you to add/create your own notifications, for which you can specify the trigger event, message type, message content, etc., in addition to the preset/default messages.
  • Added the ability set different deposit amounts per table.
  • Added the ability to configure different tables and sections for each location (if using multiple locations).
  • Added ‘iCal’ as an option for export type, so that bookings can be imported to popular calendar software such as Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  • Added who (which user) confirmed a booking to the booking details.
  • Added many labelling options to cover the various validation messages that appear throughout the booking form.
  • Updated the default text for the front-end cancel booking button, to make it more obvious/clear what the purpose/functionality of that feature is.
  • Updated block for compatibility with WordPress 6.2.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelled bookings were counted when restricting party size.

2.6.2 (2023-01-24)

  • Added push notification functionality to the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app when a new booking is made.
  • Added a filter (rtb_booking_deposit_amount) to allow for the modification of the deposit amount based on other booking information, such as custom fields.
  • Created set_location_name method to add the location name to a booking when the location term ID exists (e.g. for use in the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app listings).
  • Corrected/eliminated a notice on the admin bookings screen.

2.6.1 (2023-01-04)

  • Fixes a potential fatal error on the settings page.

2.6.0 (2023-01-04)

  • Added new tutorial videos to the settings pages that explain and show what each option does.
  • Added quick links to the admin about page to re-run the walk-through, view tutorial videos and suggest a feature.
  • You can now add your own custom payment gateway for deposits.
  • Fixed an issue with the user-specific language not applying if the main site language had an included translation file.
  • Fixed an issue with the site logo not showing in notification emails.
  • Fixed an issue in which, if you enabled the hold option for Stripe payments, but then switched your payment gateway to PayPal, the message about the hold would still display on the front end.
  • Removed duplicate currency setting.
  • Updated the descriptions of some settings for clarity.
  • Updated pickadate library.
  • Tested with PHP 8.1, corrected errors related to table selection and exporting with the MPDF option, and updated deprecated functions.

2.5.18 (2022-10-27)

  • Fixed an issue causing the duplicate booking error message in the front-end form to disappear.

2.5.17 (2022-10-18)

  • Added an option to include a blank entry in the party size dropdown, so visitors are forced to make a selection, instead of it defaulting to 1.
  • Updated the time display in the view bookings form to use the format specified in your WordPress general settings.
  • Added two new tags for notifications: {booking_url} and {cancellation_url}.
  • Corrected an issue with notification emails not sending correctly if you used the bulk actions menu to change the status of multiple bookings from pending to closed.

2.5.16 (2022-08-22)

  • Updating a condition to make sure the new block patterns don’t cause an error on WordPress installations using a version of WordPress older than 5.5.

2.5.15 (2022-08-12)

  • Fixed an issue with the daily email summary sometimes causing a fatal error on PHP 8 when payments were enabled.

2.5.14 (2022-08-09)

  • Introducing new block patterns, which can be used to integrate your booking form and view bookings form directly into your block-based theme templates.
  • Added integration with Elementor and WPBakery page builders, so you can now add your booking form and view bookings form directly from within the editor for those builders.
  • Added an option (in the ultimate version) to send a post-booking follow-up email or SMS to the customer.
  • Added a location dropdown to the view bookings form.
  • Added email template tags for the booking ID and booking page URL.
  • Fixed an issue in which times less than 24 hours out were still showing even though the late bookings option was set to 24 hours.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect timezone being used in the export.
  • Fixed an issue in which non-default fields were not being listed for the MailChimp integration.
  • Fixed a fatal error happening in certain instances with PHP 8 and location-specific booking forms.
  • Fixed an issue causing the hold option on the payments settings screen to not conditionally display when enabling the SCA option.
  • Fixed a couple location/translation instances that were causing an issue.
  • Added unicode character support to front-end localizations.
  • Small update to the included French translation to remove a fatal error that was being caused by that translation file.

2.5.13 (2022-07-12)

  • Fixed a string/array variable-type confusion error.

2.5.12 (2022-05-31)

  • Fixed an issue causing the daily summary email to not send in certain instances.

2.5.11 (2022-05-20)

  • Tested with WordPress 6.0.

2.5.10 (2022-05-02)

  • When the booking form reloads after a validation error, the previously-selected table is now automatically re/pre-selected.

2.5.9 (2022-04-19)

  • Fixed an issue in which date range filtering (on the admin Bookings screen) was setting an incorrect date for the “Upcoming” export filtering option.
  • Added a filter that lets you specify your own values for the Time Interval setting. Filter is: rtb_setting_time_interval_options

2.5.8 (2022-04-12)

  • Fixed an issue in which the MailChimp subscription was not working when the “Confirmed Redirect Page” option was being used.
  • Added in labelling options, which can be used to translate or change the wording of each label that appears on the front end of the plugin.
  • Added an option to select the time the summary email sends.
  • Updated the message of the summary email for when there are no bookings today.
  • Added the ability to display custom fields in the View Bookings form.
  • Added an option to specify which columns show in the View Bookings form.
  • Updated the styling of the View Bookings form.
  • Added a booking summary to the deposit payment page.
  • Added a message when there are no available tables.
  • Added the ability to pre-select which day is chosen in the booking form using a URL parameter (for more info, see here:
  • Added a feature that makes it so that, if a date range is selected on the Bookings screen in the admin, that range is automatically set as the default for exporting.
  • Fresh .pot file.

2.5.7 (2022-04-05)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing an error with Stripe deposit payments when SCA was enabled.

2.5.6 (2022-04-01)

  • Fixed an issue stemming from the date/time stamp in the details pop-up on the admin bookings screen that was causing an error to display in the admin.

2.5.5 (2022-03-29)

  • Updated to timezone based date/time handling throughout the plugin, to have more consistent behaviour for all users, irrespective of their timezone/server.

2.5.4 (2022-03-28)

  • Fixed rare issue in which the reservation date would save as one year later than booked.

2.5.3 (2022-03-22)

  • Fix for conflict between date range exceptions and regular scheduling rules.
  • Fix for conflict between global date range exceptions and location-specific scheduling rules.
  • Fix for issue with conditional deposits and reservations being assigned wrong status.
  • Fix for issue in which certain days were showing all time slots as being available.

2.5.2 (2022-03-16)

  • Updated nonces.
  • Fixes for conflicts with date range exceptions and regular scheduling rules.
  • Fix for Send Email feature not working when accessed via the Details area.
  • Fix for times not showing on days that had no specified open/close times and when max reservations was being used.
  • Added a warning above the time picker when there are no time slots left for the chosen day.
  • Fixed incorrect totals issue in export.
  • Updated the layout of the PDF export to separate bookings by date.
  • Added Time column to CSV export.

2.5.1 (2022-03-07)

  • Added the ability to set a date range for exceptions in the global booking schedule settings.
  • Fixed an issue in which the daily summary email was being sent to the email address specified for admin notifications and not the one specified for the daily summary email.
  • Updated the order of available pages to be alphabetical in the dropdowns for the booking page and view bookings page settings.
  • Updated escaping and sanitizing.

2.5.0 (2022-02-16)

  • Updated escaping and sanitizing.
  • Changed how premium settings areas are previewed.
  • Fixed an issue related to checkbox type custom fields not saving.

2.4.13 (2022-02-09)

  • Updated escaping and sanitizing.
  • Fixed an issue with checkbox type custom fields not saving/displaying correctly.
  • Updated a condition that, in one case, incorrectly displayed a message that the deposit payment would be held.

2.4.12 (2022-02-05)

  • Updated nonces, sanitizing and escaping
  • Added a new feature to the Stripe payment/deposit to place a hold on a card. This lets you separate authorization and capture, so you can create a charge now (at the time of booking), but capture the funds later.

2.4.11 (2022-01-18)

  • Added a setting to specify a number of days after which booking data will be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with the cancel link feature in customer email notifications.
  • Fixed deposit amount not showing on the deposit payment page.

2.4.10 (2021-12-23)

  • Fixed issue with front-end booking cancellation.

2.4.9 (2021-12-20)

  • Corrected a few elements that were misaligned on the settings page if you had multiple locations enabled (in the Business Profile plugin) and you switched which location you were configuring.

2.4.8 (2021-12-13)

  • Adding/updating nonce and capability checks for admin AJAX calls.
  • Updates to sanitization and escaping to make sure the correct sanitization/escaping functions are being used.

2.4.7 (2021-12-10)

  • Added nonce check for AJAX calls.
  • Added capability check for admin AJAX calls.
  • Updates for sanitization and escaping.
  • Removed references to external image assets.

2.4.6 (2021-12-09)

  • Added capability check for AJAX calls.
  • Added recursive sanitization for JSON input.

2.4.5 (2021-11-29)

  • Added a search field to the Bookings admin page.
  • Added an option to have the Bookings admin page refresh automatically at a chosen interval.
  • Unavailable time slots are now hidden by default from the booking form time picker (instead of being greyed out). We added an option to disable this (and have them show, but greyed out, like before).
  • Localized the “Please find a summary of today’s reservations in the table below” string.
  • Fixed issue with MailChimp lists not populating on the settings page.
  • Fixed pagination issue on Bookings admin page when using date filter.
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect fetched record totals when using filters on the Bookings admin page.
  • Fixed an issue with non-numeric values throwing a fatal error with PHP 8.

2.4.4 (2021-11-05)

  • Updates the SAP library to version 2.6.1
  • Fix for redirects after booking not working correctly
  • Fix for reminder emails being sent after the booking time under certain circumstances
  • Fix for multiple locations showing as available to book at midnight only when they are closed for the day

2.4.3 (2021-10-19)

  • Changes the type of a few settings, to use the ‘select’ type instead of the ‘count’ type
  • Fix for a settings formatting issue

2.4.2 (2021-10-18)

  • Minor fix for the reply-to header for some notifications

2.4.0 (2021-10-13)

  • Adds in a number of location-specific settings for those who use multiple locations
  • Upgrades to version 2.6.0 of simple-admin-pages
  • Fixes an issue where some options that were blank were saving as an underscore, leading to unexpected behaviour

2.3.5 (2021-09-10)

  • Fix for warning related to the admin page checkboxes.

2.3.4 (2021-08-31)

  • Fix for issue (and associated warning) of payment gateway setting not automatically converted/set to array after automatic plugin update.
  • Fix for 0 party size issue on new installs.

2.3.3 (2021-08-25)

  • Fix for an issue sometimes causing the Max Reservations, Max People, Automatically Confirm Below Seats Number and Automatically Confirm Below Reservation Number settings to not save correctly.

2.3.2 (2021-08-25)

  • Fix to stop warnings that were occurring with automatic updates to version 2.3.

2.3.1 (2021-08-23)

  • Correcting misnamed tag (SVN).
  • Correcting tested up to version number that was accidentally reverted in 2.3.0 update push.

2.3.0 (2021-08-23)

  • Updated the payment gateway option, so you can now offer PayPal and Stripe at the same time (your customers can choose which to use).
  • Fixed issue with Early Bookings feature were the X day option was calculating using hours instead of days.
  • Fixed an issue in which, if there was only one valid time slot left, it would sometimes not display as available.
  • Fixed an issue in which, if your set timezone was on a different day than UTC (e.g. near midnight), it would sometimes show the incorrect hours as available.
  • Fixed an issue loading the customizer for the email templates.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reservation reminder and late arrival notifications to still send if no time interval was specified.
  • Fixed an issue in which the red badge would still show beside the Bookings WP admin menu item even if there were no pending bookings.

2.2.12 (2021-07-21)

  • The plugin has been tested up to WordPress version 5.8.

2.2.11 (2021-06-18)

  • Fixed an issue with a fringe case scenario, in which, if max people was set to 1, an already-booked time slot might still show as available even though you couldn’t book it.

2.2.10 (2021-06-17)

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect available time slots between two full time slots when there were overlapping bookings.
  • Fixed an an issue in which the value for a checkbox type custom field wasn’t saving if you cleared/unselected all options.
  • Localized an instance of the word “Cancelled” in the JS.

2.2.9 (2021-06-09)

  • Fix for MailChimp array_key_exists warnings

2.2.8 (2021-06-08)

  • Added in further checks and an explicit option to enable 3D SCA-compliant payments for the deposits.
  • Added more customer information to be pulled through to the Stripe dashboard for payment, when using Stripe as your gateway.
  • Added deposit/payment info to the CSV export.
  • Added in a column to the bookings admin screen to show the table for a reservation, when table selection is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing certain combinations of tables.
  • Fix for issue with late bookings setting.
  • Styling for the bookings admin screen different statuses.
  • Eliminated a few notices.

2.2.7 (2021-04-23)

  • Bookings that require a deposit, but which have been abandoned before the deposit was paid now show in the admin bookings table with the status Payment Pending.
  • Added an option to the modify/cancel booking screen on the front end to pay the deposit. This applies to bookings that have either the Payment Pending or Payment Failed status.
  • Added an option, for Stripe payments, to have the credit card expiry date show as one input field.
  • Correcting an issue from v2.2.6 with the table and section inputs on the settings page.

2.2.6 (2021-04-21)

  • Changes from 2.2.5
  • Updated to use the latest version of the SAP settings
  • Updates for use with the latest version of the premium helper plugin

2.2.5 (2021-04-21)

  • Bookings that require a deposit, but which have been abandoned before the deposit was paid now show in the admin bookings table with the status Payment Pending.
  • Added an option to the modify/cancel booking screen on the front end to pay the deposit. This applies to bookings that have either the Payment Pending or Payment Failed status.
  • Added an option, for Stripe payments, to have the credit card expiry date show as one input field.

2.2.4 (2021-03-31)

  • Fixed an issue in which cancelled reservations were counting when calculating the maximum restrictions.

2.2.3 (2021-03-11)

  • Fixed an issue in which the notification emails were not being sent after a booking with a PayPal deposit was made.
  • Fixed an issue in which updating a booking would sometimes not work from the admin due to duplicate booking validation.
  • Fixed an issue in which, when max reservations was set to 1, time slots between two bookings became incorrectly unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue in which file_get-contents() was throwing an error instead of verifying reCaptcha response.
  • Styling update for the admin booking edit modal.
  • Timezone now uses the DateTime object.
  • Added in a ‘rtb_setting_late_booking_options’ filter for the ‘late-booking’ option.
  • Generated a new .pot file.

2.2.2 (2020-11-03)

  • Adds in a ‘rtb_determine_booking_status’ filter to allow users to set the status of a booking before its inserted

2.2.1 (2020-10-28)

  • Added the ultimate reminder and late notification emails to the designer.
  • Corrected a notice related to the new feature to disable the IP capture.

2.2.0 (2020-10-21)

  • This is a relatively big update with several new features, corrections, styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be released).
  • Added in a new filtering option in the admin to display bookings from a specific date and/or time frame.
  • Added in the ability to send a mass email to multiple bookings.
  • (The above two new additions could, for example, be used as a way of contact tracing.)
  • Table numbers are now included in the export (both PDF and Excel/CSV).
  • Added in a redirect URL option for the cancellation form.
  • Made the admin booking table sortable by the status column.
  • Added an option to disable the capture of the IP address when a booking is made.
  • Updated the interaction between the “automatically confirm below party size” and “automatically confirm below seats number” settings, to allow them to work in an OR capacity, so they can be used together.
  • Corrected an issue where sometimes the “automatically confirm below party size” feature would, even if set to 1, still confirm for a party size of 1.
  • Corrected an issue where the validation that prevents an exact duplicate booking would still throw an error if the old matching booking was in the trash.
  • Corrected an issue where the styling of some admin pages was not being applied when WordPress was set to certain specific non-English languages.
  • Small updates to class names that might have been too common and could potentially allow for a styling conflict with other plugins/themes.
  • Added in several filters for developers to be able to modify/extend plugin behaviour (e.g. in your theme’s functions.php file). See for more info.

2.1.24 (2020-10-13)

  • Corrects issue with time clearing from previous update that sometimes caused the time to clear on the edit booking screen in the admin even when the date had not been changed.
  • Updating picker.js library.

2.1.23 (2020-10-08)

  • Adds in the ability to use the {table} template tag in email notifications when you have Multiple Locations enabled in the Business Profile plugin.
  • Time now clears if you change the date in the booking form.
  • Corrected an issue where the booking form sometimes showed incorrect time slots if you had overlapping schedules for the same day.

2.1.22 (2020-09-11)

  • Corrects recent issue causing the feedback notice to not dismiss correctly

2.1.21 (2020-09-01)

  • Corrects issue from last update causing admins to not be able to edit bookings

2.1.20 (2020-08-31)

  • It now shows the section label for combined tables.
  • It now disallows bookings with the exact same information (date, time, party, name, email & phone), to prevent duplicate bookings when the page is refreshed.
  • Update to prevent overbooking (allowing more reservations than the set maximum) that was sometimes occurring if multiple people had the booking form open at the same time.

2.1.19 (2020-08-20)

  • Fixed issue with booking edit panel that was making it so, if there was only one table available, it wouldn’t save correctly if you tried to change the booking status.
  • Generated a new .pot file.

2.1.18 (2020-08-06)

  • Correcting issue that sometimes allowed overbooking when there was one place left for a time slot, but the minimum party size was set to two or more.
  • Correcting issue where there would be no action or submit message after a customer cancelled their order on the front end.
  • Adds a blank/empty option for the Location dropdown in the booking form.
  • CSS/styling updates for the admin.
  • Dashboard updates for the the ultimate version.
  • Enhanced upgrade process.
  • A trial of the ultimate version is now available.

2.1.17 (2020-07-20)

  • Adding a {table} template tag for notification emails
  • Correcting an issue causing the selected table to not display in the edit booking window

2.1.16 (2020-07-09)

  • Correcting an issue, just with Safari, in which full tables were still showing as available for selection

2.1.15 (2020-07-08)

  • Corrects an email template issue for the new admin notification for auto-confirmed bookings

2.1.14 (2020-07-06)

  • Adds in a new option to write a separate admin notification subject and email for automatically-confirmed bookings.
  • Applies the “Admin Notification Email” template to the admin notification email for automatically-confirmed bookings.

2.1.13 (2020-06-29)

  • Fix for notifications not working with deposits turned on

2.1.12 (2020-06-29)

  • Corrects issue with deleting tables and changing min. and max. people values for tables using the up and down arrows

2.1.11 (2020-06-25)

  • Updated naming of settings sections to make it more clear
  • A few styling updates to the admin panel
  • Small correction so the walk-through doesn’t automatically run if you previously had the plugin installed

2.1.10 (2020-06-16)

  • Fixes timezone issues that some users were having for their reservation reminders and max reservation/late bookings settings

2.1.9 (2020-06-11)

  • Adds in error handling, and the ability to retry, for Stripe payments in RTU
  • Adds in options for bigger time intervals
  • Updated CSS for the admin settings pages
  • Localizing dates in the view bookings form

2.1.8 (2020-06-08)

  • Fixes an invalid foreach warning that was displaying
  • Fixes an pagination issue on the Bookings admin page

2.1.7 (2020-06-05)

  • Includes a new RTU feature, booking by table
  • Fixes an issue with the way payments are processed using one of the payment gateways

2.1.6 (2020-05-29)

  • Fixes an issue with the view bookings form where the date would not select correctly if it was being included using the shortcode instead of the option

2.1.5 (2020-05-28)

  • New option to enable a maximum number of seats at one time in the premium section

2.1.4 (2020-05-26)

  • Correcting calculation error for “per guest” deposits in ultimate version.

2.1.3 (2020-05-20)

  • Corrected an issue that was causing an error when trying to create or edit a booking in the admin when reCAPTCHA was enabled.

2.1.2 (2020-04-09)

  • Corrected an issue that was removing spaces and capital letters from the date and time format options

2.1.1 (2020-04-08)

  • Updating a few input fields to correct for possible minor XSS issues

2.1.0 (2020-03-17)

  • Added in options to set custom redirect pages for both pending and automatically-confirmed bookings
  • Added in a new option to allow people to cancel their reservations on your site
  • Added in the post ID as a column option in the admin bookings table
  • Added in the ability to send an admin notification for bookings that are automatically confirmed
  • Added in an option to include reCAPTCHA in your booking form
  • Added in a past bookings view to the admin bookings table
  • Fixed styling issue with the Contemporary and Columns layouts
  • Fixed issue where styling for Contemporary and Columns layouts was being applied to the admin create/edit booking form
  • Fixed issue causing JSON error when adding Gutenberg block to a page
  • Fixed issue with header bar not displaying in other languages
  • Fixed an issue with the plugin submenus that could cause debug warnings
  • Fixed an issue with the “view bookings” functionality that was causing it to show bookings from the same day of the month, but from other months
  • Added pagination to the “view bookings” functionality to fix issue that was limiting it to 10 reservations
  • Updated styling for the “view bookings” lightbox
  • Updated the TCPDF library to the newest version
  • Updates to the admin dashboard area
  • Removing unused files

2.0.15 (2020-03-02)

  • Correction for the success messages and PDF export

2.0.14 (2020-02-18)

  • Corrects issue in which all bookings were automatically confirming, even beyond the threshold set using the auto-confirm settings
  • Corrects issue that was causing the max reservations setting to inaccurately set which time slots should be blocked off

2.0.13 (2020-02-14)

  • Adding in a separate success message option for automatically-confirmed bookings
  • Updating the mPDF library

2.0.12 (2020-02-10)

  • Fixing error with PDF export not rendering/downloading correctly

2.0.11 (2019-12-03)

  • Moving screenshots out of main plugin folder and into assets.
  • Updating plugin icon and banner.

2.0.10 (2019-11-26)

  • Fixes issue that was causing an error and/or incorrect display of the plugin dashboard for certain languages

2.0.9 (2019-11-04)

  • Fixes the issue with exceptions when max reservations wasn’t enabled
  • Fixes the ajaxurl JS error

2.0.8 (2019-11-01)

  • Corrects issue that was causing the array_key_exists null given error

2.0.7 (2019-10-31)

  • Updating version number of enqueued admin files to help with incorrect styling after update
  • Correcting issue with premium license transfer

2.0.6 (2019-10-31)

  • Corrects a missing function issue for exporting custom fields

2.0.5 (2019-10-30)

  • Corrects an error with the max reservations feature when using the booking form while logged in.

2.0.4 (2019-10-29)

  • Corrects an error that was coming up on submission when there was a custom field in the form.

2.0.3 (2019-10-28)

  • Fixing a class conflict with the email designer

2.0.2 (2019-10-28)

  • Additional fix related to the email templates conflict

2.0.1 (2019-10-28)

  • Fixing an error being thrown if you tried to update while also having the email templates add-on activated

2.0.0 (2019-10-28)

  • This is a big update with many new features, corrections, revised admin styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be put out)
  • The Options pages have a brand new and easy-to-use design, to go hand in hand with the many, many new options!
  • Added in two brand new responsive reservation form layouts
  • Added in a new styling options section that lets you customize the colors, fonts, borders etc. of all elements of your restaurant booking form
  • Added in a new “view bookings” shortcode and page
  • Added in the ability to automatically confirm reservations when less than X reservations or seats are taken during a time block
  • Added in the ability to specify a dining block length
  • Added in a “Max Reservations” number for a particular timeslot, so that it’s not possible to book within a timeslot once that number has been reached
  • Added in an option for guests to be checked in as they arrive
  • Added in a walkthrough on installation to help you get going as quickly as possible
  • Added in defaults for several options
  • Updated the styling of certain default features to be consistent with new features
  • Other styling and ease-of-use changes
  • Updated the order, layout and descriptions of several options
  • Updated the upgrade-to-premium process to be much quicker and easier
  • Corrected issue causing the email template designer to not load properly in the customizer
  • Corrected internal settings version numbering that was causing an issue with the Business Profile plugin settings
  • Removed files from the plugin that were not being used/not needed