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Crypto and DeFi Widgets – Web3 Cryptocurrency Shortcodes

Crypto and DeFi Widgets – Web3 Cryptocurrency Shortcodes


Crypto Widgets for WordPress elevates your WordPress website’s functionality and user experience with our Secure Crypto and DeFi functionalities.

Our comprehensive collection includes five dynamic layouts, each meticulously crafted to provide real-time insights into the Crypto and DeFi markets datapoints for your audience.

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Our mission is to aggregate data from all DeFi protocols and seamlessly distribute it through WordPress. Currently, our focus lies in aggregating decentralized asset management funds from the Enzyme protocol. Our data is fetched directly from the blockchain and aggregated by Hedge3, ensuring updates every five minutes for the most accurate and current information available.

We offer advanced data aggregation capabilities, allowing web admins to fetch funds individually or utilize pre-defined queries such as “Top 10 Crypto Gainers” (in 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days), “Top Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap”, and “Top Crypto Last Week”, among others. Users can effortlessly customize widgets to match their site’s aesthetics and functionality.

Discover our DeFi builder solution with a live preview feature, enabling you to see changes in real-time as you customize your widget. Once satisfied, simply copy the generated shortcode and publish your customized widget instantly.

Main Advantages

Structured Data Points: Beyond fetching digital assets, we provide insightful data points to enhance the value and understanding of your site’s data.

Customization: Our powerful engine paired with an intuitive UI ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to unleash the full potential of our services.

Trust & Security: We prioritize security, ensuring peace of mind with every executed contract, including a referral to its 3rd-party audit.

Live Editor: Simplify widget creation and publication with our intuitive interface, turning routine tasks into a delightful experience.

Personal Support: In addition to a vibrant community, we offer professional support assistance within 24 hours, ensuring your queries are promptly addressed.

Technology First: Embrace the full spectrum of Web3 with us. Our charts are just the beginning – stay connected for early access to new opportunities.

Join us in revolutionizing how Crypto and DeFi data is shared and experienced on WordPress!

Available Layouts

All the layouts are available for both Crypto and deFi data endpoints.

  1. Ticker Slider Widget
  2. Ticker Tape Widget
  3. Top List Widget
  4. Ticker Gallery Widget
  5. Single Ticker Widget

Available Crypto Endpoints

  1. Crypto – Top MarketCap Coins
  2. Crypto – Top Gainer Coins 1 Day
  3. Crypto – Top Gainer Coins 7 Days
  4. Crypto – Top Gainer Coins 30 Days
  5. Crypto – Custom Cryptocurrencies Selection

Available DeFi Endpoints

  1. Funds – Largest Funds
  2. Funds – Top Gainer Funds 1 Day
  3. Funds – Top Gainer Funds 7 Days
  4. Funds – Top Gainer Funds 30 Days
  5. Funds – Custom DeFi Funds Selection

Currencies Support

  • USD – United States Dollar,
  • BHD – Bahrain Dinar,
  • BZ$ – Belize Dollar,
  • CUC – Cuba Convertible Peso,
  • DJF – Djibouti Franc,
  • ERN – Eritrea Nakfa,
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar,
  • JOD – Jordan Dinar,
  • LBP – Lebanon Pound,
  • OMR – Oman Rial,
  • PAB – Panama Balboa,
  • QAR – Qatar Riyal,
  • SAR – Saudi Arabia Riyal,
  • AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham,
  • USDT – Tether,
  • BUSD – Binance USD,
  • USDC – USD Coin.


When it comes to security we take it seriously, this is why Hedge3 Crypto Widgets builder is and upgrade of SecurityForce plugin to ensure secure and sustanable operations, especially for the future upcomming aggregation functionalities. All the SecurityForce options are in their places and new upgrades wont impact the existing users.

Upcoming Functionalities

Disclaimer: The upcoming features are in active development. Their descriptions, functionalities, and timelines may change as we navigate through dynamic development processes. Our mission is to continuously evolve with the Web3 space, ensuring our offerings meet the high standards and needs of our community.

  • Crypto Exchange: A pivotal addition enabling users to effortlessly exchange cryptocurrencies within the platform. This functionality will integrate a secure, user-friendly exchange system, catering to a broad spectrum of crypto transactions. Enhancing user engagement, it aligns with our vision of making cryptocurrency exchanges accessible and straightforward for everyone.

  • DeFi Swap: Introducing Web3 decentralized token swapping directly on your site. The DeFi Swap feature will facilitate an easier, more seamless way for users to engage with token exchanges, leveraging the power of smart contracts to ensure secure and efficient transactions.

  • DeFi Checkout: Expanding payment options to include DeFi tokens. This functionality will allow websites to accept a wide range of DeFi tokens as payment, providing a versatile, blockchain-powered checkout process. It’s a step towards broader adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

  • On and Off Ramp: Simplifying the transition between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Our On and Off Ramp feature aims to provide a straightforward pathway for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, enhancing the accessibility of digital assets for a global audience.

  • EDD Integration: Seamlessly integrating with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), this feature enables the sale of digital products in exchange for cryptocurrency. It opens up new possibilities for content creators and merchants looking to enter the crypto economy.

  • WooCommerce Integration: Allowing e-commerce platforms to accept cryptocurrency payments. This integration will transform the way online merchants operate, enabling them to tap into the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

  • Connect Wallet Login: Facilitating secure, Web3 wallet-based logins for WordPress vendor dashboards. This feature prioritizes security and convenience, streamlining the authentication process for users and vendors alike.

  • Donation Widget: A versatile widget to support crowdfunding efforts via cryptocurrency donations. This tool will enable projects to raise funds directly on their website, tapping into the generosity of the crypto community.

  • Crypto News Aggregator: Keeping your audience informed with the latest in crypto. This aggregator will fetch and display the latest cryptocurrency news from various RSS feeds, ensuring your users stay up to date with the dynamic world of digital assets.

  • Events and Meetups Calendar: A dynamic calendar featuring top Web3 and crypto events. This feature aims to foster community engagement by highlighting key networking opportunities, meetups, and conferences within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

At Hedge3, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions for crypto and Web3 entrepreneurs. Our goal is to equip your website with every necessary functionality to thrive in the digital age, embracing the full potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Follow our Twitter to stay aware of the latest functionalities released: Follow @hedge3org


  • Live Editor – Create and see what you are doing livetime enabled by Hedge3 Crypto Widget Builder
  • Ticker Slider Widget – An interactive slider displaying Crypto and DeFi assets’ historical data.
  • Ticker Tape Widget – A continuous scroll of the latest market data.
  • Top List Widget – Showcases top-performing Crypto assets with detailed metrics.
  • Ticker Gallery Widget – A dynamic gallery of tickers providing a comprehensive market overview.
  • Single Ticker Widget – Focus on one Crypto asset with detailed information and real-time updates.


  • Go to ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Search for Hedge3 Widgets
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • The oboarding page will appear right after the installation
  • Navigate to Widget Builder page on left menu under DeFi Widgets tab
  • Customize your widget using right menu options: Layout, Data, Options, Styles
  • Once the widget is rady click on Share button on the bottom menu
  • Save the widget, once it’s saved the widget will get it’s ID
  • Now you can copy the widget shortcode and place it wherever you want the widget to appear on your website.


What is Hedge3?

Hedge3 is a DeFi marketplace designed to provide all kind of defi invesmtnet mechanisms under the single hood. Meantime Hedge3 provides Creator tools for it’s vendors to Build different kind of Crypto and DeFi widgets and share on their website. Our goal is to provide all kind of functionalities we have on our marketplace for creators to enable our users spread the benefits of Web3 world on their platforms.

How to install Hedge3 Crypto Widgets Plugin?

Please visite the Installation page (https://wordpress.org/plugins/security-force/#installation) where we have described step by step the installation and publishing process.

How to remove the Hedge3’s copyright

Disable copyright functionality is only for Pro version users. See our Pro version pricing plans here: https://hedge3.org/pricing/

Will I loose my exisiting widgets if I upgrade to Pro version?

No! Pro version will enable the advanced functionalities but wont impact on your exisiting widgets and settings.

How to install the Pro version of Hedge3 Crypto Widgets?

In order to install pro version of the plugin, delete your free version -> install the Pro version zip file you got after the purchase -> clean your browser cache files (ctrl/cmd +f5).

Don’t be afraid of deleting free version, existing widgets will NOT impact by that and once you install the Pro version you will see all your widgets in their palces!


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