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WP CSV to Database – Insert CSV file content into WordPress database



This plugin has been closed as of 15 снежня, 2022 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. Reason: Author Request.


13 снежня, 2022 1 reply
You saved my day!!!! Tons of thanks!
1 сакавіка, 2019 1 reply
1. no option to choose csv dialect. You have to have “,” delimeter 2. No data conversion options. You want an empty field to be null instead of zero (or “”)? Can’t do it with this plugin. 3. no flexibility. csv table must have EXACTLY the same number of columns than the DB table in EXACTLY the same order. No header matching or column skipping. 4. Dubious errors. Clicking “Import to DB” I get “problem with database query” error because of duplicate entry. Clicking again I get instead “Starting row value exceeds the number of entries being updated to the database from the .csv file”. Clicking “Reload table preview” I get afterwards again the first error when I try to import. So which of the two shall I believe? It finally worked with the “update” checkbox (but only after clicking the “table preview” directly before), even though there was nothing to update but an empty table to be filled. Conclusion: Usage of this plugin is highly error prone because depending on your external data structure you might easily mess up the columns. The upload form seems to have some bugs. Not knowing what’s under the hood, I’m afraid using this plugin on live data might destroy a lot in the worst case. The idea is of this plugin is nice, but I’ll probably end up writing my own python script instead of using this plugin.
25 студзеня, 2019 1 reply
This is one of the best CSV importers I’ve found. I created a couple of new tables for a client and I needed a way to import CSV content into these tables. I tried a number of other components, but they only worked for stock items (posts, pages, comments, etc). This component does that and more. It will import data into your custom tables and it doesn’t so cleanly and easily. This has saved me hours of coding and it has a clean, simple interface that will not overburden my clients with jargon. If you’re looking to import CSV files regularly or just to populate data from the get go, this is the one you’re looking for.
19 лістапада, 2018 1 reply
Very good! Works like a charm and saves a lot of time. Thank you for making this awesome plugin!
19 ліпеня, 2018 2 replies
Current version doesn’t support files with escape characters. you can add this features by adding following line in main.php file: $row = array_map(function($v) { return esc_sql($v) ;}, $row) ; Add this just line After this comment: //If. csv column count matches db column count
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