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WP Social Ninja is an all-in-one WordPress Social plugin to automatically integrate your social media reviews, news feeds, and chat functionalities on your website. Save you valuable time & money by installing WP Social Ninja, the super all in one WordPress social plugin, instead of taking the hassle of maintaining multiple social plugins for different purposes.

WP Social Ninja is the most efficient plugin for gathering all your social reviews and recommendations from multiple social sites to your website and boosting your business. As mentioned earlier, WP Social Ninja offers 3 significant services in one single plugin:

  • Social Reviews
  • Social Feeds
  • Social Chats

The power of real and authentic testimonials on your business website is limitless. Your business may have plenty of reviews on different social platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp. In which case, you are struggling to manually import social reviews or testimonials on your website. Well, WP Social Ninja is your solution. It brings all your business’s social channels under one umbrella, making them easy to manage, showcase, and filter.

Not just that, WP Social Ninja also allows you to import your business’s social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) automatically and tailor custom feeds based on hashtag campaigns, post types, etc.

And what makes it even better? The ability to manage chat widgets on your website using the business’s Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram messenger.

Social Reviews

WP Social Ninja allows you to import all the reviews from Google My Business to other famous business platforms like Airbnb, Amazon, Yelp, and many more on your WordPress site very efficiently. WP Social Ninja is an ideal social plugin to import reviews from different social platforms. The review platforms you can import using WP Social Ninja in a nutshell:

  • Google Places
  • Airbnb (Up to 5 reviews in the free version)
  • Amazon (Pro)
  • Yelp (Pro)
  • AliExpress (Pro)
  • Trustpilot (Pro)
  • Booking.com (Pro)
  • Tripadvisor (Pro)
  • Facebook (Pro)

Social Feeds

Not only reviews! Can import all of your social media updates to your website. You can even use WP Social Ninja to showcase your social feeds like showing Facebook Posts, Youtube videos, Tweets, Instagram Feeds, etc. Here goes the list of social media channels this social plugin supports:

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook (Coming soon)

Social Chat

WP Social Ninja allows your visitors to chat with you using different popular social chat platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram directly from your website pages. Moreover, this WordPress social plugin supports Facebook Messenger, which is free for all users. Besides WhatsApp and Telegram comes in the pro version. Some other platforms will be integrated in the future.

  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp (pro)
  • Telegram (pro)

WP Social Ninja Features

  • Easy integration with social platforms
  • Import & Display Unlimited Google My Business Reviews FREE
  • Google reviews auto-sync feature
  • Youtube feed sharing with advanced customization settings
  • Live on-site Messenger chat on any page
  • Twitter social feeds on the website
  • An advanced settings panel for Twitter
  • Realtime review synchronization
  • Shortcode supported
  • 100% SEO friendly
  • Chat Color Styling Option
  • Review sync in a predefined time interval
  • Filter the number of reviews to display
  • On/Off Rating Display, Rating Styles
  • On/Off reviewers Name, Image, or Date display
  • Display your reviews and feeds in Grid
  • 5 Free Templates in Grid Layouts
  • Equal height
  • Trim review texts
  • Keep all your reviews and recommendations on the WordPress database.
  • Supports all page builders
  • Supports most WordPress themes
  • Create multiple templates
  • Edit saved template anytime
  • Easy API Integration
  • Use custom CSS
  • 24/7 Premium Support

WP Social Ninja Integrated Platforms

Display Google Reviews on WordPress

Unlike any other WordPress social plugin, using WP Social Ninja, users can import unlimited Google My Business Reviews on their website.

  • Display unlimited Google reviews
  • Grid, slider(pro), Masonry(pro) layouts
  • Review filters
  • Advanced Settings (Pagination, Header(pro), etc.)
  • Customizable Settings options

Exhibit Youtube Feed on WordPress Website

WP Social Ninja allows you to display all your youtube videos on your WordPress website, offering hundreds of features and filter parameters.

  • Automatically display videos
  • Video source customization, Channel (free), Playlist (pro), Specific videos (pro), Live streams (pro)
  • Advanced settings panel
  • Channel Header settings
  • Pagination settings

Fetch Instagram Feed & Hashtag Campaigns

Showcase all your Instagram posts using the Feed, Hashtags(pro), and Particular keywords(Pro) on your WordPress website using WP Social Ninja, all in one WordPress social plugin.

  • Fetch all user posts in a single click
  • Advanced Header settings
  • Post, Follow button(Pro) Settings
  • Hashtag, Tagged Feed type (Pro)
  • Filter (Display/Hide) Posts Containing particular Word or Hashtag (Pro)

Display Ecommerce Reviews on WordPress (Amazon, AliExpress)

WP Social Ninja provides exclusive features to showcase your business’s social reviews & testimonials to your eCommerce website without any hassle.

  • Grid, Masonry (pro), Carousel (pro) layouts
  • Advanced settings panel for detailed customization
  • Pagination Settings
  • Sync posts real-time/predefined time interval

Display Travel & Business Review on WordPress (Airbnb, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Yelp)

Authentic reviews perform a significant role in building the reputation of your business. WP Social Ninja fetches all your business reviews from the social platforms and displays them in an organized way on your WordPress website.

  • Fetch reviews from multiple platforms and showcase in a single template
  • Choose from prebuilt 5+ templates (10+ in Pro), Grid, Slider (Pro), Masonry (Pro)
  • Advanced Settings panel for detailed customization (Pagination, Header etc.)
  • Review Filters using advanced parameters(Pro)
  • Display unlimited reviews

WP Social Ninja is versatile

One single WordPress plugin to serve you in multiple social aspects, that’s WP Social Ninja. This super-smart WordPress social plugin takes care of importing your social reviews, automatically manages your social posts on your WordPress website, and provides a social chatbox on your website to allow your visitors to communicate with you directly. No need to install multiple plugins for social reviews, social feeds, or social chat individually. WP Social Ninja does it entirely all alone.

WP Social Ninja Offers Unlimited Google Reviews

Get yourself the feature to import and display unlimited Google Reviews on your website. Most users struggle because of the limitation of the plugin they use. Using WP Social Ninja, unlike any other WordPress social plugin, users can import unlimited Google My Business Reviews, and this feature comes completely free with the plugin. Also, enjoy the Google auto-sync feature for free.

Advanced Customization Settings for Youtube Feed

Display your Youtube videos on your WordPress website like never before. Wp Social Ninja youtube feed allows you to integrate your youtube channel for FREE on your website. You can source the videos to display by Playlist (pro), search (pro), Specific video (pro), and even your youtube live streams (pro). Not only that, but you also get an advanced settings panel for free to customize the video settings and the video header.

Advanced Feature for Twitter Feed

The Twitter feed in WP Social Ninja is packed with numerous exciting features. You can choose the Feed Type by User Timeline, Home Timeline, Hashtag, or Mentions. These will help you fetch the corresponding Twitter handle feed or tweets under those hashtags and mentions automatically to your webpage. In the User Timeline, you can input any Twitter username to fetch the feeds. An advanced settings panel is provided with options to enable/disable displaying Author name, Username, Date, Images, Videos, GIFs, and many more. In the PRO version, get Masonry and Carousel layouts, Heading Settings and Pagination Settings.

Advanced Chat Box Features

Communication is a great way to connect with your website visitors as well as your existing customers. And WP Social Ninja offers the most used social communication platforms for your website! Add Messenger, WhatsApp(Pro), and Telegram(Pro) on your website to know your customer insights better. Personalize your Chat Box with an advanced settings panel. With several Template options display your Chat Box in a particular page or in every page of your website. You can also adjust the Chat Body and Chat Bubble Button with your own customized text. Give your Chat Box a stylish outlook. Moreover, some other exceptional features have been added like Show Prompt, Chat Bubble Position, Chat Scroll Position, Online/Offline, and Scheduling time features.

Elegant Review Presentation

Showcase your social reviews smartly and beautifully with the prebuilt templates and customization setting with WP Social Ninja. Prebuilt Grid, Slide, Masonry layouts to display all your reviews on your website very smarty and elegantly. You can rearrange social reviews, recommendations, ratings using completely customizable prebuilt templates of this WordPress social plugin.

Show the reviews you want to show (Pro)

With WP Social Ninja, you will be able to set the minimum rating you want to exhibit on your website. Set it on 3-star, and reviews below 3-star will not be fetched on the website from your social channel. You can also exclude specific user reviews from being fetched if it bothers your business. With WP Social Ninja Pro, you will be in complete control of your PR from your home!

Super Easy Integration

WP Social Ninja provides super easy and smart integration with different social platforms. Adding Twitter, Messenger, and Google Reviews are made super easy for you. Only a few clicks are required for attaching the social platform reviews on your WordPress sites using WP Social Ninja.
Instead of complicated processes, very simple and effortless APK email integration for Google My Business, simple login integration with Messenger, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Reviews, Recommendations, Ratings

WP Social Ninja do not limit you only with the social reviews. Alongside the reviews, it offers recommendations and ratings also. You can very efficiently display the authentic ratings and recommendations on your website to boost up your business and increase the branding value. Reveal the proficiency of your business to your visitors without any struggle.

WP Social Ninja is Super Easy and Super Fast

Using WP Social Ninja, you are always just a few clicks away from displaying all your social reviews on your WordPress website. Just integrate your platform, and all your reports will be ready to publish. Select the template you want to use it, maybe a few customizations if you like. It is super fast with zero interval times in between clicks.

Instant Support

The WP Social Ninja team always stays with the users to make the user experience better every day. Get dedicated support from our excellent happiness managers and developers. And Yes! It’s completely free. Enjoy the 24/7 premium support for FREE.

If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to open a ticket here.

Request Feature

You can also request any features you want to come with the installation of the WP Social Ninja. You may also suggest if you wish to have any social site to be integrated or you can submit the bug reports too.

Liked WP Social Ninja?

WP Social Ninja Business Version

  • Add Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, AliExpress, Trustpilot, Booking.com & Tripadvisor reviews
  • Display Instagram, Facebook Social Feeds (Coming soon)
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Chat Integration
  • Advanced customization features for Youtube feed
  • Fetch Instagram feed using hashtags
  • Display Merged Reviews from all Integrated Social Platforms
  • Display Average Rating
  • Display High Rating Using Rating Filter.
  • Select Particular Reviews to Display Using Review Filter (Include Reviews)
  • Select Reviews You Don’t Want to Display Using review Filter (Exclude Reviews)
  • Slider and Masonry Layouts
  • All Templates (Grid, Slide, Masonry)
  • Slider Layout Settings
  • Header Settings
  • Manually Write or Edit a Review.
  • Filter Reviews without Texts
  • Fluent Forms Integration
  • Pagination Settings.

Reviews by Leaders


  • All Platforms Settings Page
  • Configure, Create the template and Embed your Google My Business reviews
  • Configure, Create the template and Embed your Instagram Feeds
  • Configure, Create the template and Embed your YouTube Feeds
  • Configure, Create the template and Embed your Twitter Feeds
  • Embed your Messenger Chat using WP Social Ninja


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
Install From WordPress Admin Panel:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Type “WP Social Ninja” into the Search and hit Enter.
  4. Find this plugin Click “install now”
  5. Activate The Plugin
  6. Use [wp_social_ninja id=”template_id” platform=”platform_name”] Shortcode on your next page or post.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress.org repository
  2. On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  3. Upload the downloaded plugin file (wp-social-reviews.zip) and click Install Now
  4. Activate “WP Social Ninja” from your Plugins page.
  5. Use WP Social Ninja on your site form the dashboard.


6 кастрычніка, 2021
I am very happy about the solution. I integrated reviews from multiple platforms and that is exactly what I was looking for. Instagram Integration I've to try next, just great so far!
6 кастрычніка, 2021
Works perfectly, the only plugin that let me bring my google business review's properly. highly recommend!
23 верасня, 2021
I have used numerous plugins in the past including Smash Balloon and Social Ninja is by far the best. The functionality is by far greater and faster than anything else I have used. It is very easy to connect multiple Instagram or FB accounts at once as well as being able to display reviews and feeds with a simple shortcode. I love the control over the design for the feeds as well. It shows a live preview of the feed and there is no need to refresh the page to see it over and over like Rich Reviews plugin. The free version has a lot to offer as well. You won't be disappointed!
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Social Ninja – The all-in-one WordPress Social Media Plugin for Social Reviews, Social Feeds and Social Chat” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.0.4 ( Date: October 11, 2021 )
– Add option for GMB translated by google text
– Add chat template enable/disable option
– Add platform label option for custom and fluent forms
– Add more styling option in wpsn elementor widgets
– Fix load plugin text domain issue
– Fix trustpilot reviews from same business name issue
– Fix tripadvisor attraction reviews fetching issue
– Fix twitter card overlapping issue
– Fix base plugin installation issue
– Fix chat widget channel save issue
– Fix chat widget emoji save issue

3.0.3 ( Date: October 05, 2021 )
– Add Social Ninja 4 Elementor Widget
– Add Tooltip on hover in filter by business
– Add chat popup delay option
– Add image upload field for fluent forms integration
– Add text trim option for reviews
– Improve Trustpilot data fetching
– Improve airbnb data fetching
– improve tripadvisor write a review button url
– Improve overall css
– Refactor airbnb business info
– Fix YouTube inline/popup video play mode issue
– Fix YouTube video random order video play issue
– Fix chat widget emoji, unicode and html br tag issue
– Fix google my business auto sync issue
– Fix airbnb auto sync for business info
– UTF-8 support in ig popup content
– Fix translate ready text
– Fix instagram popup video autoplay issue
– Fix reviews slider on hover autoplay pause issue

3.0.2 ( Date: September 29, 2021 )
– Add reviews schema snippet settings option
– Add reviews content type option to show excerpt/full content etc.
– Add full screen chat editor
– Improve reviews fetching message with n number of reviews
– Improve instagram popup box responsive css
– Improve template data format
– Improve reviews date format option with default WordPress date format
– Improve airbnb configuration modal UX
– Fix reviews snippet issue
– Fix chat widgets channel configuration save issue
– Fix chat widget url issue for single channel
– Fix Airbnb and booking.com average rating issue
– Fix Airbnb filters by business name issue
– Fix Google total rating and average rating issue
– Fix multiple platforms average rating & total rating issue
– Fix facebook reviews item broken URL issue
– Fix conflict with happy-addons plugin
– Fix some responsive css issues
– Fix swiper carousel conflict with elementor pro

3.0.1 ( Date: September 24, 2021 )
– Fix reviews read more/less button issue
– Fix tripadvisor business average rating issue
– Fix tripadvisor hotel reviews fetch issue
– Fix booking.com business info rating icon issue
– Fix booking.com invalid date issue
– Fix amazon sub-domain reviews fetch issue
– Add twitter actions popup/open in tab option
– Fix twitter popup image/video crop issue
– Fix twitter hashtag cron job issue
– Fix reviews header responsive issue
– Fix reviews template css issue
– Compatible with WordPress multisite
– Fix wp rocket plugin caching issue
– Improve chat widgets
– Fix chat widget priority issue
– Fix chat widget whatsapp issue