This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Swim Team


The wp-SwimTeam plugin builds a swim team management system on top of WordPress. The use model
is targeted at Summer Swim League teams but is not limited to that use model. wp-SwimTeam
features include:

  • Electronic Registration for Parents and Swimmers
  • Each Swimmer can have two Parents or Guardians
  • Configurable custom fields for the Swim Team parent or guardian profile
  • Configurable custom fields for the Swimmer profile
  • Seamless integration with WordPress registration and login
  • Define and Manage Seasons
  • Define and Manage Age Groups
  • Define and Manage Opponent Profiles
  • Define and Manage Meet Schedule
  • Report Generator
  • CSV Export for Reports and Roster
  • SDIF (SD3) Export for Roster
  • SDIF (SD3) Export for Meet Entries
  • Hy-tek (HY3) Export for Roster
  • Hy-tek (HY3) Export for Meet Entries
  • Short Code for Google Maps
  • Short Code for Opponent Profiles
  • Short Code for Meet Schedule
  • Volunteer Signup and Management
  • Opt-In/Opt-Out System for Meet Participation
  • Volunteer registration and reporting

More information can be found on the wp-SwimTeam blog. A fully
functioning wp-SwimTeam Demo is also a good source for example
features and usage, particularly for the short codes.


  • The overview tab which all users see.
  • List of Swim Team volunteer jobs which users can sign up for.
  • List of Swim Meets from the Management tab.
  • Job Assignment Report Generator
  • Swimmer Profile Options


  1. Ensure the dependent phpHtmlLib plugin is installed and active.
  2. Unzip and Upload the wp-SwimTeam content to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Refer to the official plugin page for documentation, usage and tips


Refer to the official wp-SwimTeam web site for questions and support.


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Contributors & Developers

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The wp-SwimTeam blog provides full details on changes, bugs, enhancesments,
future developments and much more and is the definitive source for the Change Log.


  • Fixed reporting bugs and other user query issues when running under WordPress Multi-Site.
  • Resolved many, but not all, PHP Strict Standard notices resulting from calling non-static functions statically and having child class method signatures which don’t match the parent. Some of these aren’t easily fixed.
  • Fixed security bug exposed by the ability to downloads files (CSV, RE1, HY3, SDIF). All downloads now have a NONCE verification.
  • Fixed Roster CSV Export bug.


  • Fixed bug displaying Users on the Swim Team -> Users tab and Manage -> Users tab when running under WordPress Multi-Site.


  • Fixed several bugs in Jobs module where the 1.42 include file change was made incorrectly.


  • Added checking and error messages for creation of temporary files used during export (CSV, HY3, SD3, RE1).
  • Added support for Event Number suffixes.
  • Added support for Transients as temporary storage when exporting data or generating reports.
  • Major change to how files are included to better support newer versions of PHP. The PHP include_path is no longer modified nor assumed.
  • Fixed bug in MyJobs which appears when no active season is designated.


  • Fixed bug which prevented adding standard age groups.
  • Fixed bug which caused extraneous output upon plugin activation.


  • This update requires phpHtmlLib v2.6.7 or later!
  • Fixed initializion bug when Adding Events to an Event Group. Events were by default not being assigned to the correct group.
  • Fixed pagination bug when managing large number of events. When paging through events the GUI would get confused.
  • Fixed Event Group bug which was propagating the wrong event group to subsequent actions.
  • Added support for Mixed Gender and Combined age groups.
  • Added support for Mixed Gender and Combined Events.
  • Added support for exporting mixed gender event entries in SD3 and HY3 formats.
  • Added support for mixed gender events when importing events.
  • Fixed bug resulting in database error when generating RE1 roster.
  • Re-implemented Roster Export functionality – multiple formats can now be exported. The export can also be limited one gender.
  • Added support for age groups where min age and max age are identical.
  • Added smart processing of 0 as min or max age in HYV event imports, mapping 0 to minimum or maximum age setting as appropriate.
  • Fixed bug in USS Number generation.
  • Fixed bug in HY3 entries generation where E1 record did not contain gender.
  • Fixed reported entry count when exporting SDIF, count was off by 2x.
  • Fixed bug exporting roster by single gender which resulted in no swimmers.
  • Fixed bug which prevented proper HY3 meet entry generation for Opt-In swim meets.


  • Added CSS class and element ID to DIV which wraps Google Maps. This allows sites to add CSS easily to address an unusual situation where the map won’t show in FireFox or IE due to a max-width promperty on the IMG element.


  • Fixed bug in Hy-tek entries generation which caused a PHP warning but no loss of data.
  • Fixed bug which caused parents/guardians to see all swimmers instead of just their swimmers when opting in or out of a swim meet.
  • Added checking and a warning message when the selected meet occurs outside of the active season. Some operations makes sense, however some do not (e.g. opt-in or opt-out).


  • Fixed bug preventing deletion of Event Groups.
  • Fixed float problem with several dialog boxes on the Manage->Events tab.


  • Fixed bug on Jobs tab which prevented Users from signing up for jobs.


  • Included full swimmer profile in HTML version of Registration Email so it will pick up all of the optional swimmer fields. The Plain Text email remains very simple.
  • Fixed bug which appeared in Rosters and/or My Swimmers when zero swimmers were present in the system (aka new installation).


  • Second phase of Hy-tek Meet Entries Export completed. Meet entries can be exported to Hy-tek Team Manager in HY3 format.
  • Fixed bug on Swimmers tab when searching by Age – Age doesn’t support search so it is disabled from the search list.
  • Fixed bug preventing export of a single swimmer in HY3 format from the roster.
  • Fixed bug preventing export of a single swimmer in SDIF format from the roster.
  • Fixed bugs on User list which prevented searching for users based on first name, last name or user login.
  • Fixed warning resulting from searching on fields which aren’t searchable on Roster, User, and Swimmer lists.


  • Fixed bug which prevented generating roster report.
  • Fixed bug which prevented scratching swimmers from Meet tab.
  • Added additonal table to Meet Report when operating in Stroke mode which reports number of swimmers Opting In or Opting Out per age group.
  • Completed first phase Meet Entries export in Hy-tek HY3 format. Not exposed on the GUI yet.
  • Fixed bug which prevented Job Reminder emails from being sent.


  • New SQL queries for User related operations. The new SQL addresses serious performance issues when the user count starts to grow. This was most noticeable on the Job Commitments Report which would appear to time but it was probably running very slowly.
  • Lots of debug code removed throughout the plugin.


  • Completed Hy-tek Roster export. All fields that can be mapped into some sort of logical Hy-tek Team Manager field are now supported. TM supports up to three custom fields in the roster import file, if optional swimmer fields are enabled, the first three (or fewer) will be mapped into the corresponding TM custom field.
  • Fixed bug where in some instances, the first name would be blank.
  • Fixed alignment (right instead of left) of Swimmer Id field on F0 records in entries export.
  • Fixed minor white space issue in PHP source code which in some cases seems to cause the Job Commitment Report to hang.


  • Fixed entries export bug where entries were created for swimmers who had opted out of events except for Freestyle.


  • Fixed bug which prevented the Job Commitment report from running correctly.
  • Fixed bug which caused “$credit” to appear in the CSV version of the Job Committment Report instead of the actual number.
  • Added new option to set initial value on swimmer labels with numeric sequences.
  • Fixed bug with SDIF profile when Geography was set to US which resulted in a broken form.
  • Elimited some debug code which generated output when exporting entries.


  • Added button to Swim Team User Profile form to quickly open user’s WordPress User Profile form.
  • Tidied up several of the reports to make them consistent. Each should now display the HTML report on screen when exporting another format.
  • Re-implemented download solution for actions which generate downloadable files (e.g. CSV, SDIF, etc.)
  • Phase 1 of Hy-tek HY3 export support. Roster can be exported in HY3 format which imports into Hy-tek Team Manager.
  • Fixed bug which enabled job signup for all users regardless of setting on Jobs Options tab.


  • Fixed serious issue which incorrectly displayed job assignments on the assignment form and could have resulted in bad data being entered as a job assignment.


  • Added new option to Miscellaneous tab to control how time is formatted. Usage of the format is not yet pervasive through the plugin.
  • Enhanced wpst_meet_schedule shortcode with two new attributes: fmt=’time format’ and ‘showtime=yes|no’. Default is not to show the time and use the time setting from the Miscellaneous tab. The fmt attribute expects a string formatted following the conventions outlined in the PHP date function .
  • Removed redundant code from Swim Meet module.


  • Fixed issue with missing users when running under Multi-Site.
  • Fixed User Drop Down select lists to work when running under Multi-Site.
  • Fixed display of swim meet date in several locations eliminating PHP warning message.
  • Updated SDIF profile success message presentation.
  • Added support for Swimmer Labels in SDIF Roster export.
  • Added support for Swimmer Labels in SDIF Meet Entries export.
  • Fixed default sort order on Age Groups so it is predictable.


  • Added missing B1 and B2 records from Meet Entries SDIF export.
  • Added filter to display user by First and Last Name instead of by username.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented adding a season on a new installation.


  • Fixed bug which prevented adding of importing events for a swim meet which didn’t already events.
  • New implemenation of LSC Registration Pyramid SDIF export to leverage SDIF re-architecture done for Meet Entries in v1.22.
  • Fixed bug in action checking which prevented updates to user profiles


  • Added new Team Profile field to identify Coach by WordPress username.
  • Fixed numerous potential issues when either Swimmer or User option count was set to zero. The comparison was not accounting for the difference between zero and non-existant which resulted in using the default value of 5 in many instances.
  • Initial support for Meet Entries SDIF export. The current implementation makes some assumptions which will eventually be under user control via a form. The exported SDIF validates with the WinSwim SDIF Checker application but has not been tested extensively with any of the Hy-tek tools nor with WinSwim itself.
  • Added checking and error messages for all Actions to ensure something is selected when required.
  • Added GUI for Meet Entries Export.


  • Fixed bug with URL construction for Tabs which in some hosting environments would end up with a bad URL landing the User on the WordPress login page.
  • Improved URL construction for Tabs, leveraging the WordPress API instead of parsing server variables.


  • Serious bug fix for Jobs module that could cause jobs to unintentionally be assigned, even for prior seasons. Could result in a significant amount of e-mail.


  • Fixed wp-SwimTeam so it will work in sub-directory installations and WordPress multi-site.
  • Added new option to toggle message verbosity. Some actions generate numerous messages, this option will reduce and summarize messages.
  • Fixed Event Opt-In/Opt-Out which was broken with Event Model changes in v1.18.
  • Added ability to load Meet Events from an Event Group into a swim meet.
  • Fixed broken GUI controls for Events (expand, collapse, page forward and back).
  • Tightened up flow control between Event Groups and Events and Swim Meets and Events.
  • Changed buttons on for some actions (events, swim meets) to return to a logical place. “Back” and “Home” didn’t really mean anything in most cases. In particular, “Back” has been a reliability challenge so in most cases it has been eliminated.
  • Fixed several bugs in report generator which manifested themselves when User or Swimmer optional field count was set to zero.
  • Fixed bug which resulted in broken Opt-In and Opt-Out actions on the drop down lists.
  • Fixed bug which incorrectly entered Opt-In/Opt-Out information in Stroke format even when set for Event Mode.


  • Fixed bug which prevented users from signing up for jobs.
  • Phase 1 of overhauled Event Model is complete. The new Event Model introduces the concept of Event Groups. Events are now defined in the context of an Event Group. Swim meets currently do not have any connection to Events but that will chance in a release fairly shortly in Phase 2.
  • Added ability to import events from a Hy-tek Events File (.hyv) into an Event Group.
  • Added ability to delete all events from an Event Group.
  • Changed Google Maps API Key from required to optional. If the API key hasn’t been entered, wp-SwimTeam will now gracefully work without it.


  • Fixed bug with unsupported action on Swimmer Tab introduced with changes to action bar in 1.16.


  • Fixed another bug which caused display of “M/A” instead of first and/or last name in some instances. Propogated this fix to a lower level class and eliminated duplicate code across numerous classes.
  • Fixed inconsistencies across UI where some tabs had actions as drop downs and others had buttons. All tabs now use the drop down UI model.


  • Fixed bug which caused display of “M/A” instead of first and/or last name in some instances.


  • Fixed odd use case where get_user_meta() sometimes returns an array with an empty string and other times returns an empty array. This bug manifested itself with a PHP warning from the phpHtmlLib plugin which wp-SwimTeam references.


  • Fixed bug which prevented display of first and last name is user list within the Swim Team and Manage menus.
  • Fixed bug which caused default settings for Postal Code and State or Province not to be used leaving the form inoperable.
  • Cleaned up Options->Swim Team form to remove debug borders (oops) and fix alignment.


  • Fixed bug which was sending Opt-In/Opt-Out confirmation e-mails to Registration e-mail address instead of Opt-In/Opt-Out e-mail address. This time it is fixed correctly!


  • Added ability to display which user entered an opt-in/opt-out record on the Swim Meet report.
  • Added ability to control inclusion of time stamp for opt-in/opt-out records on the Swim Meet report.
  • Fixed bug which was sending Opt-In/Opt-Out confirmation e-mails to Registration e-mail address instead of Opt-In/Opt-Out e-mail address.


  • Fixed bug which prevented opt-in/opt-out list from being displayed properly by the wpst_meet_report short code.


  • Added ablity to send out Job Reminder e-mails on a per meet basis from the Manage->Swim Meets tab.


  • Fixed bug with Users List which prevented using the GUI controls.
  • Added new Event model for Opt-In/Opt-Out. Can now opt in or out of specific events instead of strokes.
  • Exposed Job Assignments Report to Users. Users can now generate a report of their own Assignments.
  • Added “Job Commitments” Report which reports Job Commitments versus Parents/Guardians of active swimmers.


  • Added “My Jobs” tab to allow users to quickly see the jobs they have committed to.
  • Added notification when a user has not met the minimum job commitment requirement.
  • Fixed a plethora of small bugs and made numerous code improvements, particularly in the Reports module.
  • Added new field to swim meet definition to allow participation to be open or closed.


  • Fixed bug when optional user and/or swimmer field count is zero preventing reports from running.
  • Added My Jobs tab for all users. User can now easily see which jobs they’ve signed up for.
  • Added e-mail field to user profile. Users are familiar with the swim team profile, easy to update.
  • Exposed Swim Meet report to all users allowing users to see their swimmer opt-in/out and jobs easily.
  • Added Dashboard widget.
  • Fixed quite a few minor bugs – too many to list!


  • Fixed bug with duplicate e-mails for Registration, Opt-In/Opt-Out, and Job Sign Up.
  • Fixed confirmation messages after saving Options to utlize WordPress message standard.


  • Fixed bug in Opt-In/Opt-Out e-mail confirmation which duplicated recipients.
  • Fixed bug in handling Country when set to US Only.
  • Added Club Profile initialization based on State or Province in Team Profile.
  • Added E-mail confirmation for Job Assignments.
  • Added Job Options tab on Options page to configuring Jobs module.


  • Fixed bug in wpst_meet_report short code.
  • Fixed bug in Add/Update Club Profile due to invalid URL field(s).
  • Added showmaplinks option to wpst_meet_report short code.
  • Added URL sanitatization to Google Maps and Mapquest URL fields on club profile.
  • Added notes to use Google URL shortner for URLs that don’t validate.


  • First release unde the WordPress plugin respository.