Animate on Scroll


Animate any Elements on scroll using the popular AOS JS library simply by adding class names.

This plugin helps you integrate easily with AOS JS library to add any AOS animations (on scroll animation) to WordPress.

It should work well with the native gutenberg core blocks or any page builder (tested with GenerateBlocks and Elementor) that provides an input field for adding custom class names to elements.

About AOS

AOS is a small JavaScript library built by Michał Sajnóg that allows you to add animated effects to HTML elements when they come into view as the user scrolls down a webpage. AOS provides a set of predefined animations using CSS that can be easily applied to elements using simple data attributes in the HTML code.

Check out the AOS demo and documentation.

How to add Animations?

Simply add the desired AOS animation to your element class name with “aos-” prefix and the plugin will add the corresponding aos attribute to the element tag.

Fade animations:

  • fade: aos-fade
  • fade-up: aos-fade-up
  • fade-down: aos-fade-down
  • fade-left: aos-fade-left
  • fade-right: aos-fade-right
  • fade-up-right: aos-fade-up-right
  • fade-up-left: aos-fade-up-left
  • fade-down-right: aos-fade-down-right
  • fade-down-left: : aos-fade-down-left

Flip animations:

  • flip-up: aos-flip-up
  • flip-down: aos-flip-down
  • flip-left: aos-flip-left
  • flip-right: aos-flip-right

Slide animations:

  • slide-up: aos-slide-up
  • slide-down: aos-slide-down
  • slide-left: aos-slide-left
  • slide-right: aos-slide-right

Zoom animations:

  • zoom-in: aos-zoom-in
  • zoom-in-up: aos-zoom-in-up
  • zoom-in-down: aos-zoom-in-down
  • zoom-in-left: aos-zoom-in-left
  • zoom-in-right: aos-zoom-in-right
  • zoom-out: aos-zoom-out
  • zoom-out-up: aos-zoom-out-up
  • zoom-out-down: aos-zoom-out-down
  • zoom-out-left: aos-zoom-out-left
  • zoom-out-right: aos-zoom-out-right

Animation Settings

By default, the global animation settings are

  • offset: -100
  • duration: 1100
  • easing: ease
  • delay: 0
  • once: true

you can change that using filter:

add_filter( 'aos_init', function($aos_init) {
    return '
    var aoswp_params = {
        "once": false};
} );

or add the extra classes below to the element for individual settings. The plugin will add the corresponding aos attribute to the tag.

Once behavior:

  • once=true: aos-once-true
  • once=false: aos-once-false

Easing functions:

  • linear: aos-easing-linear
  • ease: aos-easing-ease
  • ease-in: aos-easing-ease-in
  • ease-out: aos-easing-ease-out
  • ease-in-out: aos-easing-ease-in-out
  • ease-in-back: aos-easing-ease-in-back
  • ease-out-back: aos-easing-ease-out-back
  • ease-in-out-back: aos-easing-ease-in-out-back
  • ease-in-sine: aos-easing-ease-in-sine
  • ease-out-sine: aos-easing-ease-out-sine
  • ease-in-out-sine: aos-easing-ease-in-out-sine
  • ease-in-quad: aos-easing-ease-in-quad
  • ease-out-quad: aos-easing-ease-out-quad
  • ease-in-out-quad: aos-easing-ease-in-out-quad
  • ease-in-cubic: aos-easing-ease-in-cubic
  • ease-out-cubic: aos-easing-ease-out-cubic
  • ease-in-out-cubic: aos-easing-ease-in-out-cubic
  • ease-in-quart: aos-easing-ease-in-quart
  • ease-out-quart: aos-easing-ease-out-quart
  • ease-in-out-quart: aos-easing-ease-in-out-quart

Animation Duration:

  • 100ms: aos-duration-100
  • 200ms: aos-duration-200
  • 300ms: aos-duration-300
  • 400ms: aos-duration-400
  • 500ms: aos-duration-500
  • 600ms: aos-duration-600
  • 700ms: aos-duration-700
  • 800ms: aos-duration-800
  • 900ms: aos-duration-900
  • 1000ms: aos-duration-1000
  • 1100ms: aos-duration-1100
  • 1200ms: aos-duration-1200
  • 1300ms: aos-duration-1300
  • 1400ms: aos-duration-1400
  • 1500ms: aos-duration-1500
  • 1600ms: aos-duration-1600
  • 1700ms: aos-duration-1700
  • 1800ms: aos-duration-1800
  • 1900ms: aos-duration-1900
  • 2000ms: aos-duration-2000
  • 2100ms: aos-duration-2100
  • 2200ms: aos-duration-2200
  • 2300ms: aos-duration-2300
  • 2400ms: aos-duration-2400
  • 2500ms: aos-duration-2500
  • 2600ms: aos-duration-2600
  • 2700ms: aos-duration-2700
  • 2800ms: aos-duration-2800
  • 2900ms: aos-duration-2900
  • 3000ms: aos-duration-3000

Animation Delay: (*new, added in 1.0.2)

  • 100ms: aos-delay-100
  • 200ms: aos-delay-200
  • 300ms: aos-delay-300
  • 400ms: aos-delay-400
  • 500ms: aos-delay-500
  • 600ms: aos-delay-600
  • 700ms: aos-delay-700
  • 800ms: aos-delay-800
  • 900ms: aos-delay-900
  • 1000ms: aos-delay-1000
  • 1100ms: aos-delay-1100
  • 1200ms: aos-delay-1200
  • 1300ms: aos-delay-1300
  • 1400ms: aos-delay-1400
  • 1500ms: aos-delay-1500
  • 1600ms: aos-delay-1600
  • 1700ms: aos-delay-1700
  • 1800ms: aos-delay-1800
  • 1900ms: aos-delay-1900
  • 2000ms: aos-delay-2000
  • 2100ms: aos-delay-2100
  • 2200ms: aos-delay-2200
  • 2300ms: aos-delay-2300
  • 2400ms: aos-delay-2400
  • 2500ms: aos-delay-2500
  • 2600ms: aos-delay-2600
  • 2700ms: aos-delay-2700
  • 2800ms: aos-delay-2800
  • 2900ms: aos-delay-2900
  • 3000ms: aos-delay-3000

To Disable Animations On Specific Device

  • To disable animations on certain elements on devices larger than 767px, simply add aoswp-disable-desktop class name to the element tag
  • To disable animations on certain elements on devices smaller than 766px, simply add aoswp-disable-mobile class name to the element tag
  • To disable animations site-wide / per page basis on specific devices:
    add this lines to your css files:

    @media ( your media query ) {

        html:not(.no-js) .aoswp-enabled [data-aos] {
            opacity: 1!important;
            -webkit-transform: none!important;
            transform: none!important;
            transition: none!important;
            transition-timing-function: unset!important;
            transition-duration: unset!important;
            transition-property: none!important;




  • Both AOS JavaScript and CSS will only be loaded if there is aos- in the page’s html. So this plugin will not add bloat to pages that do not use/need the AOS animations.
  • Although the AOS library is already lightweight, the CSS and JS in this plugin are delay-able, so it won’t hurt your site’s performance at all. (You can use Optimize More! to delay the CSS and JS)


This plugin doesn’t add anything to your database and won’t do any permanent change to your HTML, so you can safely deactivate and delete it when you no longer need it.


  • Optimize More! – A DIY WordPress Page Speed Optimization Pack. Features:
    • Load CSS Asynchronously – selectively load CSS file(s) asynchronously on selected post/page types.
    • Delay CSS and JS until User Interaction – selectively delay CSS/JS load until user interaction on selected post/page types.
    • Preload Critical CSS, JS, and Font Files – selectively preload critical CSS/JS/Font file(s) on selected post/page types.
    • Remove Unused CSS and JS Files – selectively remove unused CSS/JS file(s) on selected post/page types.
    • Load Gutenberg CSS conditionally – Load each CSS of the core blocks will only get enqueued when the block gets rendered on a page.
    • Advance Defer JS – hold JavaScripts load until everything else has been loaded. Adapted from the legendary varvy’s defer js method *recommended for defer loading 3rd party scripts like ads, pixels, and trackers
    • Defer JS – selectively defer loading JavaScript file(s) on selected post/page types.
    • Remove Passive Listener Warnings – Remove the “Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance” warning on Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Optimize More! Images – A simple yet powerfull image, iframe, and video optimization plugin (Lazy load images / iframes / videos, Preload featured images automatically). Also support lazy loading CSS background images.
  • Lazyload, Preload, and more! – A simplified version of Optimize More! Images. Able to do what Optimize More! Images can do but without UI for settings (you can customize the default settings using filters). This tiny little plugin (around 14kb zipped) will automatically:
    • lazyload your below the fold images (img tag and bg images) /iframes / videos,
    • preload your featured images,
    • and add loading=”eager” to your featured image and all images that have no-lazy or skip-lazy class.


  • Shop Extra – A lightweight plugin to optimize your WooCommerce & Business site:
    • Floating WhatsApp Chat Widget (can be use without WooCommerce),
    • WhatsApp Order Button for WooCommrece,
    • Hide/Disable WooCommerce Elements,
    • WooCommerce Strings Translations,
    • and many more.
  • Image & Video Lightbox – A lightweight plugin that automatically adds Lightbox functionality to images displayed by WordPress (Gutenberg) Gallery and Image Blocks, as well as GenerateBlocks Image Blocks, and also videos created by the core Video Block, without the need to set the link to media file manually one by one.



From within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Animate on Scroll or Arya Dhiratara
  3. Activate Animate on Scroll from your Plugins page


  1. Download the plugin using the download link in this WordPress plugins repository
  2. Upload animate-on-scroll folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate Animate on Scroll plugin from your Plugins page


Why AOS?

AOS library has so many built in animations and the JavaScript is written in pure JS without any dependencies.

Where is the Settings Page?

This plugin doesn’t has any settings page, since the animation executions are based from your element class.

Does it works with any Page Builders?

Yes, as long as your builder has input fields for adding custom class names.

How to add the Animation?

Simply add the desired AOS animation to your element class name with “aos-” prefix. Please read the plugin description.

Is it customizable?

Yes, the customizations are available using filter and class names. Please read the plugin description.


4 кастрычніка, 2023
Please keep update new feature. This plugin also work with Flatsome theme. Really good!
5 верасня, 2023
Really cool plugin and also really lightweight compared to others. Recommendation 🙂 Thanks for porting AOS to WordPress!
18 красавіка, 2023 1 reply
Plain and simple AOS porting to WordPress. Works like a charm so far 👍
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  • Fix error in PHP 8.2 (thanks to @goodluckov for reporting this)
  • Update compatibility with WP 6.5


  • Fix conflict with the built-in query loop block (thanks to @weiko for reporting this)


  • Add css to disable the animations on mobile and/or desktop devices. Simply add aoswp-disable-desktop class name to disable the animation on device larger than 767px, or add aoswp-disable-mobile class name to disable the animation on device smaller than 766px. (as asked by @mikemastrox)


  • Fix php warning on function that responsible to enqueued the assets conditionally (thanks again @clipb!)


  • Add missing pattern for ‘fade-left’ animation (thanks to @clipb for reporting this)
  • Refactor the code to get better compatibility for Elementor


  • Add animation delay function to the plugin (accommodating Kevin Mccourt’s feedback on the GeneratePress Facebook Group)


  • Fix plugin banner


  • Initial release